Since this IS the second iteration of my first attempt at blogging I have a need to bare some experimentation  here.

The situation of the CAUCUS REGIONS is bringing BACK the mindsets of a childhood. Those that can’t remember don’t have the recollections of playing in NUMEROUS friends’ FAMILY “FALLOUT” SHELTERS. Or, having ENTIRE mornings of School concentrating on “HOW TO ACT DURING A NUCLEAR ATTACK”. I’m thoroughly surprised that the ‘PACHYDERM PRIDE’ HASN’T re-instituted the  practice.

The following is “poetic” commentary on the “news” articles read daily. And, I’ve had too many OH(!)-PINIONS to just enter one per “jot”. The linkages proceed the ‘bit’ so that you’ll, (hopefully!), have an orienteer’s vantage of the staking ‘histories’ of “one’ that has seen the breadcrumbs when they were fresh.




go ahead and KILL THIS WORLD
a tattered ancient flag unfurled
diplomacy and charm so churled

a life of chest puff brief tuminescence
this isn’t “life” at its true essense
to build a greatness sans the crescent

those days of yore good read now boor
they had quick endings rose with no core
these latter generations seeking more

no “love thy neighbor” don’t get the gist
it’s “follow me” or feel the fist
if not you’re simply polit-grist

the gather of those similar
don’t like the ridings with a burr
a need rebreed of past infurred
as most grown thoughts a hope concurred
this take what’s wanted should demure




when left to own a bully cries
no victimization realized
to be their hate without diguise
is diffcult to bear

no matter how the resignation
there is no “PRO” of constipation
the glee as purest demonizations
your wants create dispair

this “HIS”-STORY what final ending
the choices made are the depending
it’s not too late to DO SOME MENDING
from that you’d be so rare

but have this thought of better futures
where citizens avoid the sutures
some stop to seeking “POLIT-LUCRE”
good’s hope done with a flair




a mater DID what the furor couldn’t
to Bear enmass when said shouldn’t
to satellites commerce why wouldn’t
seek “ANGELS” for the day

the boys club lost the ball while playing
to arguments t’was spread delaying
the escalations need belaying
the past left at the quay

new crops new fuels old BOYS their fading
to stop these fools no need debating
too far from shore there is no wading
let good be all’s display

repeat of pasts infuriating
again the west is ruminating
a better future tired of waiting
while sun shines make the hay


… to be the wrap

It’s funny / ironic that the “first” time that I sat to “write” about a situation “presented” was the initial ‘EARTH DAY’ composition contest given at my High School in 1972. I heard about it from one of the “heads” from the “Distributive Education” class we were taking, and the excitement of the National Honor Society candidates’ “bit champing” over the assorted categories made me list the excuses to NOT put my “TWOCENTSANSUM” into the fray. Remember that I’ve mentioned that I’m DYSLEXIC, and it WASN’T “fun” for me to have to cuneiform my weirdness to papyrus.

Even though there was “NO CHANCE” for me to get close to the “MENSIC” masters around me I wrote a story of two “folk” talking about the “days OF”. Simple sophomoric conversation like listening to “OLD FOLK” during the 1950’s Television shows… written by ROD SERLING. For some bizarre reason the story ‘won’ the ESSAY division. Now it’s FOURTY-ONE years after and, sadly, my Mother HAS LOST the original copy of the ONE, and ONLY documented accomplishment of thirteen years of “formal” education. That’s alright, because someday I’ll get it CORRECTED. I’ve been practicing  on WORDPRESS.COM  around 1,219 times now, and this TITLE is the first attempt.

SO, as Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong’s  Chicano buddy’s namesake is… JUAN MOTIYM !

how long until the wither
whither that I care at all
whether when wet turns to white
is this orb spinning around hot ball

how now the vow to find success
is gist of fist at fate
and low to grow past didn’t show
be also ran to great

the simple word jot with some verve
slow sample of left behind
hop-scotched thought earned not bought
your stopping here so kind

so, on this lap the hunt to tap
find’s oh-oh from e.e.’s map
’tis so much joy to “Ginny’s” boy
this sentence to be the wrap

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The reason why “cultures”, that are still based on [ROYALTY] have continued to “[EXIST]” today is that they’ve observed how those that base control over others by the COST and AVAILABILITY of daily needs does so by REWARDING the few that sport the biggest [THUMBS]. (To place the “needy” under.) As we have arrived at the “Last Days” of this stage in our societal “evolution” the “game” of “CHICKEN” has seemed to have had a [THIMBLERIG] rule thrown into the match. The fact that nations that base themselves on [IMPERIALISTIC] practices are [GASPING] as they find that for ALL the [LIVES] burnt on the altar of [GREEDS]
is looking as permanent as a two-year-old’s footprint in the sand during a SUNAMI.
The phrase “You GET what you Pay for” doesn’t hold water anymore. Especially when there are so many [CONTAINERS] looking for their personal “topping off”.
But, in all this N-O-O-N-E can say that “Barry” didn’t keep any of his campaign [PROMISES]! A comparison to his predecessor is that the MOST [ENDURING] of so many in TWO TERMS, is the one that affects the last six words of OUR Pledge of Allegiance… “WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
The VALUE of LIFE, as we’ve “known” it, and WHAT it should be, is being presented by corporate America as if the “life” we’ve lived thus far hasn’t… WON’T… CHANGE.

This is the way Detroit sees fuel [\"ECONOMY\"]
I don’t believe that the price of Freedom should always be paid for by the BLOOD of a nation’s youth. I DO believe that the price of FREEDOM SHOULD be because those that we ASK to be our LEADERS have PAID ATTENTION!!!!!

Our “Marble”

We live on a MARVELOUS Marble
in someone else’s sky,
and, on this MARVELOUS Marble
is where we live and die.

On this LIVING Marble
with the greens, and browns,
and blues.
It’s a very VALUABLE Marble
specks of beige, brown,red,and black
which combination makes you YOU?

We used to CARE about THIS Marble,
because there was more of it
than our GREEDS.

How tired of us is THE Marble?
It only has so much
to replenish SILLY “NEEDS”.

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Who STIRS a Mind’s Water ?

We’ve been told that “still waters run deep”, (“Still waters run deep.”

Some rivers have rough surfaces with waves. That’s usually because the water is shallow and there are rocks near the surface. But deep rivers have no rocks near the surface and the water is smooth and still. “Still waters run deep” means that people who are calm and tranquil on the outside, often have a strong, “deep” personality.), just how “deep” one is depends on how far you need to go beneath their surface… or, let THEM to the layers of YOUR SELF.

The proverb is all too true, but how does that become so ? We’ve been subjected to the ‘sciences’ that deal with how the forces of growth and change effect / affect how and why rivers turn into lakes or oceans. How and why mountains became through the exchange of Magma recirculating back to the EPIDERMIS of the Earth. Or the plates that separate the crust from the magma push said crust as a vee on its ears.

People are no different. Those of “us” that have a frantic nature just may be going through an inner shift with the “plates” of our mind and heart. Just how and when the turmoil ends, coupled to just how much / many damage(s) have changed that around us is similar to to an earthquake, flood, volcano, or forest fire. A shift, a cleansing, a regional rebirth, a “haircut”. ( In ancient times FIRE was used to “trim” the hair. It’s STILL in practice. Hair is self extiguishing.) The world is ”putting up” with the drug dealers we know as INDUSTRY : oil and every offshoot that IS the Kudzu of this world. They say that Cream rises to the surface, so does OIL.

Yes, still waters DO run deep. But, what were the transforming causes ? And, what lays at the bottom surface unseen ? What is the Marianas of these folk ?

I don’t have THE answer, but I’ve been getting acquainted with someone that is working with me on my turmoils so that I may achieve a “placid” demeanor. If you’d care to read more about such the site’s called STIRREDWATERS.WORDPRESS.COM. (dot CALM.) This person’s got a lot to make you sit at the shore for.

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Rehab In the Open…

… Piques and Volleys.

It’s been time

for my own self-reckoning .

It’s been time

none too late, but

long overdue.

How much time

can an obsessive/ compulsive

waste on an addiction

of ‘fast’ powder smoked

with fast ‘women’ “stroked”?

A terrible coupling

where cramps arise

where they shouldn’t…

when they should.

A horrendous coupling

where clamps reside

when they shouldn’t,

but they would.

To stop the whine

of the six degrees of beckoning.

To stop the lies,

none too late, but

long overdue.

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There’s Something Going ON…

Its calling itself ANTAGONYMIST.

It's calling itself ANTAGONYMIST.

There wasn’t much to say here so a new article drove itself here to advertise an interesting thought. Just ‘Google’ the big letters and check out the contents. And for you “New Comers”, yes, it is another one of my blogs… I spent so much time with it that even I got excited with its PREMISE. There WILL be something here on the morrow. Tuesday was a very exciting day for ALL of US.

A “Pathetic” Christmas

Normal Folks Christmas.

2008: Normal Folks' Christmas.

“Son” woke to the expectations of the tree year old, cardboard containing ???. At the stage of four years from “freedom” he still blessed the camera with cherub-towhead features. Though the presents were ‘dollar-store’ fantastic the humility drove itself around all four of us, Father, Mother, Son and friend.

The short, but important, gift list had this year’s economic recipe…

Tee-shirt= Eat more Deer, the graphic=fish on crutches.

Mother/Son Mossey Oak hats, NOT matching.

Son= FIELD JACKET- O.D GREEN,( …”like I wore during MY stint, they haven’t produced the real thing for over 30 years.)

Dad= socks

Mom, a cookie jar= two sides the BATES HOTEL/ two sides the ADDAMS’ HOME.

The largest box was sealed with white cotton twine, Dad said that the twine was the combo gift then attempted to make/ show a Cat’s Cradle/ Jacob’s Ladder.

As we’ve been taught of what this DAY is supposed to represent the ‘PRESENT’, was that of the GIVING of HOPE, PEACE and the GOODWILL to those that are around us. So they may receive a proper PRESENT… for the other days of their lives.