FAILURE: Eviction for Non Compliance

who understands this joke understands politics in America.WE citizens of the country called AMERICA are being surrounded by a chain of events that most of us are handily ignoring. As we’ve listened to the change,(and Sabre), rattlings issued by the world’s “VILLAGE IDIOTS” we’ve grown DEAF to the neighbors’ setting up gated communities to the SOUTH of us, all the way to TIERRA del FUEGO.

While anyone with the electronic portal to knowledge can Google a gaggle of proper information most folks of this nation are spending their time ogling the latest nude photos of someone’s teenage starlet daughter, instead of learning about the next ruse of some “POLITICIAN”. Let’s see, we here in America are but THREE PERCENT of the WORLD POPULATION , yet and still, we devour TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT of the world’s things. The most troubling of these are the fact that Americans also lead the world in OBESITY and DRUG ABUSE.

Since the Pamunkey tribe’s territorial reservations with the English monarchy, before ‘Pakahantes’, (” beloved daughter”.), known to us as Pocahontas rejoined her “family”, the European peoples that have appropriated this land have increasingly led the global charges in subjugating others for their greeds and false “superiorities”, here, and through letters, e-mail, phone calls and “business vacations” known as ‘JUNKETS’, back to the HOME/ “FATHER”-lands.

The beginnings of what was “wanted” by those who set up the rules and regulations of our sovereignty actually looked forward to the day when those things, that at that time period couldn’t be resolved, to establish the basis of what the “BUSINESS PLAN” of these UNITED States of America were to be and then rectify them. Simple men whose names are present, but NOT their personalities, gave us the HOPE that what they’d left across the pond would be protected against. Now the “common” man, or woman, has been relegated from delivering the message of the people who are the HEART, SOUL, AND BACKBONE of this nation, as well as the rest of the world’s populations. As of this coming Presidential “election” we are seeing the candidates raise fundings that are close to what, almost, every combined salary of the corporate American C.E.O. will make this year, achieving the feat on a MONTHLY basis. How are WE to have the VOICES of OUR SANITIES become the RULE …”OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE”… as it was initially intended? How do WE intend to reinstate those rights and freedoms that have been drugged by a fascist, fear mongering toy ‘Bulldog’ and his ‘reichist’ Judas goats? How do we stop the proliferations of policy that in order to change the political rulings of other nations that we declare falsities to justify killing first, instead of diplomacy and understanding’s compromise?

We’ve allowed too many decisions to be made for us that ARE removing that thing we used to KNOW as freedom and DEMOCRACY. Awhat government claims employment?nd what has begun here is NOW being thrust upon the rest of this pebble we called home. Just how long do we “think” it will take before THE FINAL ‘HORN’ SOUNDS end of game?

One “last gasp” of ‘thought’. When Barack Obama said that there were 56 or 58 states in “the union”, if you count the federal “terrorist” detention camps around the world, that have been authenticated, you will find that the man is most likely correct in his statement given. It’s not conspiracy, just “fiction” until it gets on the mind’s “marketplace”.

For those that think that I don’t love my country guess again. Anything that one uses long enough tends to wear, if one TRULY CARES for what that thing does for them one will ALWAYS seek and implement the proper maintenance and TIMELY upgrades to make its existence LAST.

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