Pot Calls Kettle BLACK !

From Prescott's attempted coup...

From Prescott's attempted coup...

Now that Seven and three-quarter years of ‘ we-all-know-what’, that the George Walker Bush ‘Presidency’ has basically accomplished its intended goals. We are now witnessing his “scouring the globe” to elicit some sort of “benevolence”. Besides all of his rantings about the leaderships of the countries that make up most of the energy produced around the world Mr. Bush has, now, set his scope on the target of deriding Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, for HIS way of tearing his nation apart. On February 14th of this year Bush called Mugabe a “discredited dictator”, ( Has there ever been a ‘CREDIBLE’ dictator ?), in a Reuters post. And then you have a Huffington post by former advisor to Morgan Tsvangirai, ( Oppositional candidate during the most recent “elections”, where by coincidence there is Mugabe taking the vote by dubious means.), Michael Carmichael’s response to Bush calling Mugabe “undemocratic”.Bush calls Mugabe \”Undemocratic\”.

One of the better statements comes from the always “on point” Bob Geldof from 3/11/2005, (Link only, due to MATURE content,)Geldof Blasts Bush and Mugabe.

Mugabe has his own views of his accuser, Calling Bush and buddy Tony Blair “TERRORISTS” in the 10/18/05 Washington Times. Finally, Mugabe told Reuters News of Bush’s “RANK HYPOCRISY” for his human rights record, stating ” His hands drip with innocent blood of many nationalities.”

A dictator IS a dictator...

A dictator IS a dictator...

Mugabe: Bush\’s hypocricy.

No matter what, we won’t be around when history gets this unraveled. And this time period, most likely won’t be a footnote compared to the things on the world horizon.

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