Pulling Out (of) The RACE CARd

There have been times since childhood that the ugly head of hate and stupidity has raised its obtuse, little pate and attempted to draw me into one of its preplanned trapdoors. Although I sometimes had a fighting chance, I choose the proper words for these “articles”, it wasn’t so when I was a ‘TAD’.

I began this article some while ago as a jest, then the MAURICIA GRANT article in ‘USA TODAY’ stuck its finger in my eye. ( If Barack Obama becomes President I DO HOPE that NASCAR officials don’t attempt an invitation in their near future !). In this time of INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SPORTS RACING seeing a young HUED MAN leading its points standings, and doing so with only 24 starts, of which produced 6 wins, 16 podiums and 8 Pole positions, it WOULD SEEM that, again, America, in ALL its greatness’s, has some HOUSE CLEANING TO DO.( Beyond the FACT that great engineering and equipment, more times than not, will always yield SUPERIOR RESULTS.). NOT as much as it “USED TO”, but the world has a sharper interest in its “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO” policy of facing the different ways that other people experience that “VISAGE”… I’d have begun with showing a couple graphics/ cartoons that had two ‘opposites’ exchanging “social” unpleasantness’s then one extracts a standard horse racing form in reply, his “RACE”(ING) card … But this day wouldn’t allow THAT to happen. There’s not too much to say as yet because the circle (of) jurists have JUST begun to watch the opposing parties’ “on track” warm-up laps. There has been debate over the driving abilities of anyone that is not used to “PILOTING” a vehicle in the “TRUE ACADIAN MANNER”, (either like you “STOLE IT”, or like you’re ” RUNNIN’ RUM” or “MOONSHINE”.).

Now one of the great “RIDGE RUNNIN’ RASCALS of NASCAR history is one JUNIOR JOHNSON, a ‘LEGEND’ of the early hard charging, “SWAPPIN’ PAINT” type of the racing cadence of ” YOUR LEFT, YOUR LEFT, YOUR LEFT, YOUR LEFT”… which couples with the adage that ” TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT, but THREE LEFTS DO”, (carried by the last left and you have a ‘RACE’!).The history of American automobile racing is long and “colorful”, ‘heroes’ like EDDIE RICKENBACKER have braved “flame and fortune” to obtain their “NEED FOR SPEED”. (A class-mate in high school was just missed by a tire at the “INDY 500” last century.), Robert Glen Johnson Jr., winner of 50 NASCAR races in the 1950’s and ’60’s. The year 1963 is the point in history, (and this article.), that’s the (pace-car ‘slow’) evolvement to finish, (no re-starts!). On December 31, 1963, at Jacksonville, Florida’s SPEEDWAY PARK ‘Junior’ Johnson lost to WENDELL OLIVER SCOTT, ‘NEGRO’ (!!!). Out of 495 credited starts Mr. Scott achieved 147 top ten finishes and ONE WIN, the first man of ‘color’ to do so.


Many have thought Scott THE first ‘US’ to race American “STOCK CARS”, he WASN’T! Rebecca Gladden of INSIDE RACING NEWS states that on July 31, 1955 at the BAY MEADOWS RACEWAY in San Mateo, CA one ELIAS BOWIE, ( no “KIN” to David.), was the earliest African-American to “trade paint” in NASCAR annals, with LEE PETTY, BUCK BAKER, MARVIN PANCH and Grand National CHAMPION of that year TIM FLOCK. 28TH out of 34 drivers. His ONE and ONLY race.

A stone for Obsidian \

AND then we arrive at NORTH AMERICAN AUTO RACING’S most blatant ‘BLACK’ race ‘car’ driver… WILLY T. RIBBS. Indianapolis 500 participant who went to Europe to compete and win the FORMULA FORD series DUNLOP CHAMPIONSHIP before retuning home after only one year’s competition. “Drove a CADILLAC POWERED Indy entry sponsored by NEWPORT cigarettes” and for the WILLIAM H. COSBY race team. Willy T. has driven almost all the many types of ‘MONIED’ MOTOR events that are held in this country, quite SUCCESSFUL in all.


In the offer to assist NASCAR in reaching those who haven’t developed a YEN for so many left hand turns NBA HALL OF FAME RESIDENT Ervin “MAGIC” Johnson, (no, well maybe, KIN to Junior.), opened the minority door through training and EDUCATION of HUED people to enter the ranks of NASCAR , a sort of easement in the ENVELOPING of all AMERICA for the ”STARS and BARS” folk. BUT it seems that there may be an ALUMINUM CEILING that needs to be popped… from the TOP down, this way only because the bottom just may choke itself on its own fumes.

To get a better group of views go to these sites and breath in their distinct, ( ” dis ‘tinks”) attributions. Especially “readers” comments, the LINES are very clear by REGION. (In the photo above the end gentleman is NASCAR’S newest “Coppertone Champion” to be, find out his name.)

Mauricia Grant

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Time\'s Flies know where to get the latest.OUR youth will be taught to KNOW


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