ENOUGH of Giving My Money…

… to those who have WORSE CREDIT THAN I DO.

I have ONLY cost my SELF for ALL the lame, unexcusable misuses that have run through MY pockets. But, in this time of NATIONAL and WORLD fiscal TURMOIL, those who I felt would see the situation as I HAVE described to them, HAVE NOT !!! Can it be that, like women who live, work and play in close proximity of one another, that our entire elected, legislative “rep-RESENT-atives” have ALL developed the SAME “cycle” of thought ? With ALL the exact “cramping” of their mental, “reproductive” organs ? (My apologies to the women that may read this, but, you KNOW what I’m talking about here.) This situation that this ‘administration’ is leading us through is looking more and more like a fiscal version of the BUSH “war on terror”, as we ALL know, war makes MONEY for those that SUPPLY IT, and look at the SUPPLY CHAIN and all its LINKS… ARE YOU INCLUDED !?! There is no LOOP-HOLE for us, except the one that the “elected” are LURING their constituents’ necks into via their wallets.

These ONE-HUNDRED DAYS are feeling like a couple years of a not-so-secret WATER-BOARDING SESSION, and they won’t stop until they’ve drained the lake. [Now THEY see it, NOW… YOU DON\’T !] Just HOW difficult would it be to INFUSE THE TAX-PAYER WITH THEIR BAILOUT DOLLARS !?! WE are the ones MOST AFFECTED by the mismanagements and GREEDS of the very ones that are receiving EVERY GUARANTEED TONNE packets of Woodrow Wilson’s portrait.

Mr. President, the actions being TAKEN by those who were SWORN to PROTECT this NATION and its CITIZENRY are acting like a PEDERAST who has been CONVICTED, then sentenced to serve community service in a DAY-CARE facility. If this is what you are accepting as YOUR LEGACY I would remind you that those of us that REMAIN BLACK CANNOT AFFORD to live WITH such a LEGACY. YOU should remember just how long it HAS taken to get to THIS POINT in TIME.

For details on money already disbursed and recipients, see http://www.treas.gov/initiatives/eesa/transactions.shtml.