They fit and are usefulYOU. YOU Faux, er Ol’ Fox you.

This short note is for the AMERICAN CONSUMER and the entities that are in the business in providing the “NECESSITIES” that we incessantly “GOBBLE” in our daily lives.

If the “Product” is something that is basically wholesome and well liked, and accepted, gives the purchaser the correct return on investment… IT IS GOOD. No matter what else is happening around the world.

If that “thing” that is on the market doesn’t harm a protected anything, anywhere…IT IS GOOD.

Now, when that corporation is letting the area of customer population know of said purveyance, or any nuance of design, the representations gathered to blend in the many types of peoples that find their products desirable MUST INCLUDE THOSE DIFFERENCES to effect an ease of FAMILIARITY. The ‘UGLY AMERICAN’ attitudes of the PAST century should be just that …PAST/PASSED! For the ‘site’ Little green balls, (an OXYMORON, if they possessed a set of orbs they would not be green. They have extracted the yellows for putting on public view leaving the orbs a more assured AZURE.), TO EQUATE an innocent piece of garment to such an INFINITESIMAL link of the falsities dismantling this nation is BEYOND ACCEPTABLE! Then to have the FAUX/FOX OCRE-JOURNALIST: My-SWELL MAL-Kin continue the “McCarthy-Malice-piece” to basically burn a CROSS ON NATIONAL AIRWAVES, to cost a company millions of dollars in advertising is REPREHENSIBLE. If the Joseph Goebbels line of intimidation is seen to work NOW, as it did in the body of the THIRD REICH, through our national media then what can be done when…”THERE’S NOBODY LEFT”?

The ‘SHEMAGH’ IS A DAILY item of the region, adapted for the purpose of relief from the oppressive heat in that part of the world. If ‘Miss ‘MAL-Kin’ wishes to assert a correctness in accepted presentation of societal appearances then maybe she might return to the medieval European practices of not washing in Soap and Water, or maybe she HAS… it DOES seem that there is a malodorous ‘TINGE’ wafting from the media ‘ranks’, (Read: ANTAGONYM), of the ‘Murdock MAFIA’. Since most of the tropical world designs innumerable types of this versatile garment why ARE the UBER OBTUSE of ‘CON-servativeism’ SHELLING Us with this GAME?

“Over to you,CHET”.