He Doesn’t Like HIS Just Desserts

“God blesses “THOSE”, and TEASES ‘OTHERS'”.

Is there ANY wonder that the “FATES” decided to NOT “bless” RUSH LIMBAUGH with CHILDREN !?!

After his “priestly” opinion of Law Student Sandra Fluke as to being a “SLUT” for having the ABILITY, but not the DESIRE, to have CHILDREN…

… Rush Limbaugh is UN- APOLOGETIC for his being either STERILE or SEVERELY IMPOTENT.
( Sorry Rush the “black guy” didn’t say that he “thinks” you’re important.)

Some are asking John Boehner to motivate Limbaugh to reverse his statement publicly, especially since Rush IS the “Portal” of ‘RED’ METHANE.
It appears that “others” aren’t going to wait for “NATURAL CAUSES”…

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