My FIRST Musical …

This Kangaroo JUMPS all over the voice scale.

This Kangaroo JUMPS all over the voice scale.

The cat sans hat.

The cat sans hat.

…As a PAYING, not to have a CLUE, THEATRE GOER.

On the second day of April, 2009, the hour of seven thirty, SHARP. The opening night of Bloom-Carroll’s Junior/Senior High School presentation of “SEUSSICAL the Musical swept me from a jaded, thirty-some-odd-year STAGEHAND. Swept me into-from-what is the question that I never thought I’d, (“sheepishly”), stand before the world and tell it THAT A GROUP OF TEENAGERS FROM A TINY COUNTRY TOWN OUTDID ANYTHING THAT JUDY GARLAND AND MICKEY ROONEY EVER DID IN ANY OF THEIR BARNS !!!!!!!!!!

Now, before you begin to think that this is a proud parental diatribe, I Am going to RAVE about AN ENSEMBLE… Of extremely TALENTED children and the persons HIRED to EDUCATE THEM in the SCIENCE OF THE ARTS. If you don’t know anything about [THEODOR SEUSS GEISEL] you now have his name. But just in case, look into a story about a “Feline in a Fedora”.

SEUSSICAL the Musical, A ‘minimalists’ fill of scenery,wonderfully replicated by the progenitors of the cast and crew, ( Those that didn’t have to sing, speak or dance would have made a Noh master proud. And a 15/16 year old sound crew managed a 14 wireless microphone system quite WELL.), simply “MAH-VUH-LUSS”. As I watched these new Thespians the personality of each gave me a mirror to others that have been before us, either in movie or T.V. I’ll describe the “main” characters via who they closely resembled, and hope that you can see their performances through your memory’s eyes.

The Cat-in-the-Hat= Christopher Walken as the “Sham-WOW!” guy.

Horton the Elephant= Stan Hardy, (Laural’s demeanor, Oliver’s physique).

Bird-Girls= Marilyn, Marlene and Peggy.

Sour Kangaroo=Patsy Pink, ( Cline’s delivery, Pink Edged.)

Wickersham Brothers= Nary, Surly and MOE. ( “Blanco” Hep Hop)

Gertrude McFuzz= Terry Gar

Mayzie LaBird=Que’zeta Jones

Citizens of the Jungle=Hogwarts detention

Mayor of Whoville= Peter Boyle,(Young Frankenstein)

Mrs. Mayor= Bernadette Peters

Grinch= Christopher Graham, ( Lloyds antics, Larry’s basso)

Whos= youth from the land of “Point”, Arnold, (ask Harry Nilson)

General Ghengis Kahn Schmit= “Just Jack”

Vlad Vladokoff=Benny Hill Cheney, (self explanatory.)

Yertle the Turtle= ‘nough said.

This production was staged THROUGHOUT the ENTIRE theatre area… stage, main floor audience and Isles, the Balcony audiences. With a cast of over thirty young individuals the choreography was ” A SINGULAR SENSATION” equal to the Trockaderos’ “Mistake Ballet” in precision.

Someday a payday.

Someday a payday.

The Whos Sing Seuss'.

The Whos Sing Seuss'.

The teaching staff performed galaxies PAST the expected and have nothing, except PRAISE from a parent for their EXTRAORDINARY presentation to a THEATRICAL “NEWCOMER”.



This is Black History Month and in that this next 22 days will see many strange and unique additions to it’s pages. The one that has come to mind is the attempt by south Carolina Senator, Robert Ford, to “couple” the national celebrations of Black History Month with CONFEDERATE Memorial Day, [Strom WOULD love this.], his argument is compelling.

History must tell the TRUTH.

History must tell the TRUTH.

But even in these confusing times famous actions can verify and vilify the facts that the recorded and celebrated events enacted for one race can easily be the road map for the betterment of ALL. WITNESS the the ROSA PARKS- like actions of University of UTAH, ( no, not the one with the BLUE football field.), student Tim DeChristopher that are having as much civil strengthenings as the diminutive destroyer of Jim Crow’s wishes had, teaching all that in order to CHANGE the current fiscal “status quo” all one has to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY !!! [Mr. Obama, you SHOULD have appointed TIM.],[GOT \’er DONE !], [And the Medal of FREEDOM winner should be…].

Abraham, Martin and John would be PROUD.

Abraham, Martin and John would be PROUD.

As this month has now become a sign post for future historians as to where this nation began to mature into the PROMISE that was drafted WITH the BLOOD of so many, with so much of the SAME DNA, I PRAY that we can finally build our selves into what others around the world will find worthy of calling a GOOD NEIGHBOR. Thank you,Tim, for showing us that the coming generation “HAS had ENOUGH, and THEY’RE NOT going to take ..IT ANYMORE” !!! (And thank you Peter Finch.)

As far as this being officially designated BLACK History month, this time the BLACK stands for saving the citizenry MONEY… the green being that of NATURE ‘S bottom line.

In Passing: An ALMON Brother

The Funky ALMON Brother. Larry James ALMON was a musician, one of the leading members of the 1970’s band THE BUCKEYE POLITICIANS. “LA” took his final bow 12/20/2008 in Columbus, Ohio. His brothers Jay and Roscoe joined him as one of New York City’s favorite R&B/ FUNK providers.

Youth is fleeting.

Youth is fleeting.

Here’s a TASTE of LA’s work:The Funky ALMON Brother with friends and FAMILY.

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Oh Death

DEATH serves, BOTH, Heaven AND Hell by “just doing ‘his’ job”.

Death is even more unprejudiced than G-D OR ‘Satan’, ‘he’ makes no choice to Race, Riches, OR Rank. Schooled to NOT count the “THREE R’s”.

Oh Death, by Dr. Ralph Sanley.

If I were to make the “history” of my “life”; the PURITY of efficiency, the CONSISTENCY of completion and , most of all, the FREEDOM of getting my ‘EARNINGS’ unweighted by the EGOS of my EMPLOYERS. This I would MIRROR TWICE.

Oh Death, nobody praises YOUR work’s ETHICS… Except ME.

When Death has come and fulfilled ‘his’ contract of ME I want to be “buried” ‘DEAD-CENTER’ of the MARIANAS TRENCH, a G.P.S. tracker telling Heaven and Earth that I have finally reached the lowest point in my “life”. And if there may be a “WAKE” I want the son-in-law of my first ‘stage’ employer, Don Arden, to have his song “NO MORE TEARS” as the only statement to be made of Death’s accomplishment.

Oh Death, I thank YOU for doing your ‘JOB’ so well.

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra:


In THE” no child left behind” mandate of the United States Department of ‘EDUCATION’ the leadership of this nation’s ‘educators are failing to have our children remaining educated enough to COMPETE in the world markets . Keeping up is, again, proving to truly be ‘ON A SLIDING SCALE’. Over the last years the struggle of school boards to keep up with the increase in attendance often means that ART and MUSIC is as shelved as a complete, unabridged, copy of James Joyce’s ULYSSES.

Art… is the one thing that EVERY CHILD possesses from the start, some are stronger than others , but ALL appreciate shape and color. Look at a house or automobile. And, if a child hasn’t lost their sense of hearing MUSIC is the TOOL to UNDERSTANDING. It binds them to the rhythms of nature , life in general. And as a child learns the many types of sounds some of these become the calendars of their lives, helping them remember a moment in HISTORY… I sat and watched the Presidential Inauguration of John F. Kennedy with my grandparents. There was a very tall black man who sang for the President, his Wife “Jackie”, son “John John” and daughter Caroline plus the rest of the WORLD. His name was McHenry Boatwright, years later I got to sit in a couple of his classes here in Columbus… These are what the ARTS can, and should do, to and FOR SOCIETY, to bring the wholenesses that we all seek in everything in this moment we label LIFE. The TYPES/ genres of the myriad of time signatures may tell us how to THINK without our knowing it. It definitely leads us in the ways LOVE is expressed, from mothers, from a friend. From anything that makes the HEART pump stronger, to promoting the sleep from a soft Soprano lullaby.

The PEOPLE that have spent their lives weaving the calculated ‘noises’ that have been drawn and stretched to our likings by so many different shapes and materials have chosen to perfect the ways that sound, noise, MUSIC and SONG travel to where we are… Then give us what we’ve asked for AT THAT MOMENT. With all the TIMES and MONIES invested into what started on the days that they were born is it fair to have these MEN and WOMEN CONTINUE to do the blessing that is the background harmonies and melodies of this CONCERT CALLED LIFE? Or will we let them wither. To make them score a dirge for this society?

Tonight may well be the LAST great NOTES written to ride the stirrups in our heads. Mark this date: MAY THIRTY-FIRST, the TWO THOUSAND and EIGHTH YEAR of the ROMAN calendar, started after the demise of another BRIGHT LIGHT.

Did you read the ENTIRE contents of the POSTER? Wouldn’t it make a nice Tee Shirt to help rebuild the coffers of this WONDERFUL ENTITY? (Get ONE,or so!)

This is a presentation of ONE of the “GHOSTS” behind the SHELL. And the soul responsibility of this “author”. As are its content.

D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque (5/31/08: A.M.)

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