… The “big” three go for GLOBAL Financing.

Chevrolet, Chrysler and Ford are “requesting” US to PAY MORE MONEY for items that are NOT VIABLE to the country that they claim to service. On “MEET THE PRESS” (11/16/08) Michigan Senator Carl Levin ‘Advertised’ for General Motors that they had TWICE as many “HYBRID” vehicles “in-line” for production. My goodness, they’ve only had 30 years of knowledge that their latest offerings were TOXIC to their future.

Senator Levin’s short advertisement was vocally similar to Jeep’s latest late-night commercial where they show IDIOTS riding over sand dunes and other NATURAL environments that need preservation. The background audio is that of ROLLER-COASTER sounds, to entice the viewer to times of a ‘CARE-LESS’ YOUTH, when our fun was financed by someone else… OUR Parents = those that put in the WORK. We should be PAST THIS. We are of the age where in order to enjoy ourselves WE have to design, build AND maintain what may give us joy in the responsible ways of adulthood. And TEACH these ATTRIBUTES to our offspring.

I have a strange feeling that these companies have been setting another table, in a very different location. G.M., as mentioned in previous posts, has made its financial stakes in other fast emerging markets, (44% in China ALONE !), with products that are mandated BY those consumers and THEIR unique markets. And are providing what THEY deem as NECESSARY for THEIR USES (!), not accepting whatever is fed them when someone “RINGS” Dr. PAVLOV’S little bell. Those that have been privy to the inundations of post-secondary CORPORATE “education” are reheating THIRTY YEAR OLD ‘HASHES’ in the attempts to serve them on pseudo-“patriotic” platters… IN THEIR NEIGHBOR’S HOME (!), telling them that the “fare” IS “FRESH”… Never mind the gravy’s CHARTREUSE GLEAM.

Would the ‘TREASURIAL’ colour chart include RYE Mold ( as in ERGOT/LSD ?) in the $ 25 BILLION bungle/bundle that the United States of America (“CONgress” and “SINate”), are “THINKING” of giving THEM ?

If “our” legislators allow this financial dis-service in RESPONSIBILITY I WILL NOT be GREEN with ENVY … but of NAUSEATED DISAPPOINTMENT.

Bessie Smith sang this youths truths...

Bessie Smith sang this youth's truths...

It was said best by Alberta when she described how all the young “Iceberg’s” did their “thing”…

“They’d come at’cha with a hand FULL of GIMME and mouth full of MUCH OBLIGED !”


YO’pinion:YOUR Vote counts,but Keep it SECRET

Soon,THEY’LL “instruct” us how to vote! This is the penalty for advertising who you’ll vote for. ( His “bumper” sticker reads ‘NO CAMPAIGNING PAST THIS POINT”! available at http:188503.SPREADSHIRT.COM/ us/US/Shop/)RED or BLUE they’re acting the same. They’re counting on you being the ONE born on that minute, prove them wrong.

It seems that we always notice the aftermath first. But if we don’t allow an “EXIT”POLL by wearing the “CONCEALED CARRY” of this statement ,(women’s and men’s.), we can assure OUR CHOICES. ( Read H.R. 1955!) Yes, this IS blatant advertising and it IS a tad risque’, butt, er but you have to admit that, as another underwear company said it… “you’ll feel GOOD all under”, for keeping a promise to yourself by carrying this little WARNING for the political preference pirates profiteering profusely by punditry profound.

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They fit and are usefulYOU. YOU Faux, er Ol’ Fox you.

This short note is for the AMERICAN CONSUMER and the entities that are in the business in providing the “NECESSITIES” that we incessantly “GOBBLE” in our daily lives.

If the “Product” is something that is basically wholesome and well liked, and accepted, gives the purchaser the correct return on investment… IT IS GOOD. No matter what else is happening around the world.

If that “thing” that is on the market doesn’t harm a protected anything, anywhere…IT IS GOOD.

Now, when that corporation is letting the area of customer population know of said purveyance, or any nuance of design, the representations gathered to blend in the many types of peoples that find their products desirable MUST INCLUDE THOSE DIFFERENCES to effect an ease of FAMILIARITY. The ‘UGLY AMERICAN’ attitudes of the PAST century should be just that …PAST/PASSED! For the ‘site’ Little green balls, (an OXYMORON, if they possessed a set of orbs they would not be green. They have extracted the yellows for putting on public view leaving the orbs a more assured AZURE.), TO EQUATE an innocent piece of garment to such an INFINITESIMAL link of the falsities dismantling this nation is BEYOND ACCEPTABLE! Then to have the FAUX/FOX OCRE-JOURNALIST: My-SWELL MAL-Kin continue the “McCarthy-Malice-piece” to basically burn a CROSS ON NATIONAL AIRWAVES, to cost a company millions of dollars in advertising is REPREHENSIBLE. If the Joseph Goebbels line of intimidation is seen to work NOW, as it did in the body of the THIRD REICH, through our national media then what can be done when…”THERE’S NOBODY LEFT”?

The ‘SHEMAGH’ IS A DAILY item of the region, adapted for the purpose of relief from the oppressive heat in that part of the world. If ‘Miss ‘MAL-Kin’ wishes to assert a correctness in accepted presentation of societal appearances then maybe she might return to the medieval European practices of not washing in Soap and Water, or maybe she HAS… it DOES seem that there is a malodorous ‘TINGE’ wafting from the media ‘ranks’, (Read: ANTAGONYM), of the ‘Murdock MAFIA’. Since most of the tropical world designs innumerable types of this versatile garment why ARE the UBER OBTUSE of ‘CON-servativeism’ SHELLING Us with this GAME?

“Over to you,CHET”.

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra:


In THE” no child left behind” mandate of the United States Department of ‘EDUCATION’ the leadership of this nation’s ‘educators are failing to have our children remaining educated enough to COMPETE in the world markets . Keeping up is, again, proving to truly be ‘ON A SLIDING SCALE’. Over the last years the struggle of school boards to keep up with the increase in attendance often means that ART and MUSIC is as shelved as a complete, unabridged, copy of James Joyce’s ULYSSES.

Art… is the one thing that EVERY CHILD possesses from the start, some are stronger than others , but ALL appreciate shape and color. Look at a house or automobile. And, if a child hasn’t lost their sense of hearing MUSIC is the TOOL to UNDERSTANDING. It binds them to the rhythms of nature , life in general. And as a child learns the many types of sounds some of these become the calendars of their lives, helping them remember a moment in HISTORY… I sat and watched the Presidential Inauguration of John F. Kennedy with my grandparents. There was a very tall black man who sang for the President, his Wife “Jackie”, son “John John” and daughter Caroline plus the rest of the WORLD. His name was McHenry Boatwright, years later I got to sit in a couple of his classes here in Columbus… These are what the ARTS can, and should do, to and FOR SOCIETY, to bring the wholenesses that we all seek in everything in this moment we label LIFE. The TYPES/ genres of the myriad of time signatures may tell us how to THINK without our knowing it. It definitely leads us in the ways LOVE is expressed, from mothers, from a friend. From anything that makes the HEART pump stronger, to promoting the sleep from a soft Soprano lullaby.

The PEOPLE that have spent their lives weaving the calculated ‘noises’ that have been drawn and stretched to our likings by so many different shapes and materials have chosen to perfect the ways that sound, noise, MUSIC and SONG travel to where we are… Then give us what we’ve asked for AT THAT MOMENT. With all the TIMES and MONIES invested into what started on the days that they were born is it fair to have these MEN and WOMEN CONTINUE to do the blessing that is the background harmonies and melodies of this CONCERT CALLED LIFE? Or will we let them wither. To make them score a dirge for this society?

Tonight may well be the LAST great NOTES written to ride the stirrups in our heads. Mark this date: MAY THIRTY-FIRST, the TWO THOUSAND and EIGHTH YEAR of the ROMAN calendar, started after the demise of another BRIGHT LIGHT.

Did you read the ENTIRE contents of the POSTER? Wouldn’t it make a nice Tee Shirt to help rebuild the coffers of this WONDERFUL ENTITY? (Get ONE,or so!)

This is a presentation of ONE of the “GHOSTS” behind the SHELL. And the soul responsibility of this “author”. As are its content.

D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque (5/31/08: A.M.)

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360 ACUTE Degrees


It is an interesting event that achieves its historical anniversary during the growth of an equally important event that it had intimated to. Today is the SAD DAY that many around the United States, and elsewhere, REMEMBER, the clandestine ending of the LIFE of the, possible, “saint” to be, Dr. Martin Luther King. We here in America are preparing to choose the next person who is to LISTEN TO THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS and ‘lead’ this nation to the place where it was in- tended to be come this November. The equally sad thing of this election period is that my fellow citizens have allowed “OTHERS”to take away their right, ability and desire to gather the informations needed to make the correct decisions for their FAMILY,with FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS. Even sadder is that most of us are too proud to admit to this, making the lazy excuses of the Chrust Matthews’, Rush Limpaws… saying that, ‘ anyone without an “AMERICAN” name can’t be trusted’. Would it not be proper to have had a President ‘TWO-FEATHERS? This is only a call to those that I, now , live among. The call to STOP LETTING SOMEONE ELSE TELL US WHAT WE SHOULD DO,to be the one that lives like the men and women that we hear about on Saturdays and Sundays… THE ONES THAT DID THE RIGHT THING! The ones that would have answered a brother’s call to rid a region of the WRONG influences, without KILLING everything in its borders. In seeking those PURPLE MOUNTAINS MAJESTIES Dr.King ultimately witnessed his demise to us, while we just thought of vacationing there. The vacation is turning horribly wrong , as those who’ve spent our lives behind curtains, that we’ve provided, have stolen the mineral rights and started strip mining. The Lorraine, it is its balconey that saw who made that disspicable shot, it NOW tells us, again, that any prophesy MUST FULL-FILL ITSELF,and will in time. The number 360 is ironic, ESPECIALLY ON TODAY’S COINCIDENTAL DATE

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