… “wisdom” writes the tunes to blues

It’s “funny”, the first blog. then to follow a post about your first “serious” story. Now, to imbue someone with a “coming of age” jot in a way that I’ve heard from some old musicians…

when I was young the ‘crack’ of dawn would run
as I couldn’t keep my essense “tombed”
fresh estrogen proved not to be my “friend”
at that stage… you do not need presume

but, on my behalf I must admit quite daft
for the Eves were my bones’ sought fetch
with azured spheres the problem was so clear
like a Fremen to be walled in Sietch

but, the day arrived with luck she did survive
though the aging process, fee of success
as we kissed good-bye a gray I did spy
as we limped together hiding zeal’s duress

now I’ve grown to old these mornings aren’t as bold
what watched me shave now watches shine of shoes
it’s a price well worth to hide such with some girth
for this “wisdom” writes the tunes to blues

Guitarists Les Paul and Slash at Iridium Club Opening

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