Hello… AGAIN

Reintroductions are so taxing,

as they tend to be quite droll.

Something that should be relaxing,

most agree MUST have some SOUL.

Then there’s that thing called, uhmmm, INTEREST

minds wrapped in “candied” constinants.

And, what just might pique their query,

not from ‘clouds’, but deep raised views,

maybe coming from GOOD’S headlines

’bout some “CAT” in ‘Fisherman’s’ shoes.

Can there be of some regaining

after time of MANY MONTHS?

Is there ANYONE remaining,

the “readership” chosen choice to ‘PUNT’?

So, a good, and gracious HELLO!

With a hope for NON-Adieux.

I do hope my thought’s like Jello

that what’s here can find some room.

 Well, it’s short and not so cagey.

button jotted by some Loon.

But, this time’s been far from lazy

as this note tells “BE BACK SOON”


I’ve felt like a Caveman with a broken Papyrus brush.Image

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