e.e. scruggs Five String GIANT

EARL EUGENE SCRUGGS lived a year for each key, and ALL seven octaves, of the Piano. And, played it all on just FIVE strings of a Banjo.

Most non-COUNTRY folk hadn’t heard of Mr. Scruggs until they saw the “Beverly Hillbillies”, or watched “Deliverance”, focusing on the “dumb genius” of the ‘Banjo Boy’ pickin’ on the porch. But, the real “banjo-boy” had developed the style that carried this truest of GENIUS’ to heights that could’ve seen them playing “SALTY DOG” thoughout ‘SHANGRI-LA’…

Some true Yodeling crossed with THROAT-SINGING!

If you sometimes sit and seriously listen to the craftsmanship of HOW the organizations of “noise” is put together as well as anything Michaelangelo hammered out of Marble then you feel the staccato flow of Earl’s three fingers dancing atop a string.

For someone that was supposed to have grown up in a gene pool of R&B I listened to COUNTRY for the first six years, and seem to remember a gent with the last name of an Eskimo breed of dog… HUSKY, “FERLIN” I believe.

The only thing that I can say now is that HEAVEN has just opened its gates to a whole new set of Angel’s “HARP” playin’ with LESTER* and EARL back on the same STAGE.
* ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lester_Flatt )

He’s telling the TRUTH.

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