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It’s really NOT “funny” that so many Bloggers sit for some few minutes to tell the WORLD what they’ve witnessed, from the headline’s peep to their personal “revelations”. Today is March 17, 2012, the WORLD is still picking its collective noses while an entire NATION and region of Africa is having its citizenry EXTERMINATED. Even after these few years of acknowledgement.


The focus IS on George Clooney,as well as his former WLWC News-Caster Father who was arrested with his Son. The interesting part of the focus is that their fellow protester is Martin Luther King the Third, following in HIS Father’s consistency of SHACKLING-for-Justice tactic. ( Borrowed from Mohandas Ghandi.)
_________________________________________May 10, 2008
As I saw “IT” then…
There is a vicious rumbling around the world today and its only GETTING LOUDER. We citi/deni-zens of this, (quite disjointed actually.), UNITED STATES of AMERICA have let the driving force…

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