Castings and Stone Throwers

Billy’s boy, Franklin (to the) “Scarlet”: ” I will CHOOSE WHO is ‘DAMNED’.

Raised in the CLOSEST of proximities to the modern Pharisees and Sadducees, “OFTEN” visiting with his “Sire”. Learning the “track” / tact of where to find the ‘best’ “Butters” for the “MOST” Breads. It “does” appear that Franklin’s building that “FEELING of OATS” is from the ‘QUAKERED’ roots of the NIXON White House. “Covertly” going about the innuendo of “glory” while his handlers are STEALING the CITIZENRY’S most precious.
Franklin had the AUDACITY to quote “law”,(, by his “knowledge” from a ‘Christian’. this is close to a “SAULISTIC” “job description”,
(, I wonder when a ‘greater’ power will take the time to “un-seat” these views.

Those that tell us THEY are a voice “of” are most often the best designers of the beautiful Brocades found over the secret machinery en-trances ruining “Houses” of the WORLD… With such wonderous rewards.

The pragmatic thought lost to most is that if we really THINK about “who” we believe, just because they don’t destroy overtly, (Has ANY ONE of YOU, that are mad at me at this moment, EVER thought to the question of how MANY OTHERS were MURDERED “in G-D’S NAME, BY SAUL… the MOST ‘famous’ being SAINT STEPHEN, (the First SAINT, SAUL’S “LAST”?), doesn’t mean that the “GOAL” isn’t the same. Their “knowledge” or not. Especially when the “oracle” wasn’t “AT” the base of the “MOUNT” during the initial scribe.

If “WE” could actually THINK about the things they tell us are “TRUE”, then CAREFULLY LOOKED at the blessings versus the damnations “WE” wouldn’t be so deep in the OFFALS that there are… and so near DROWNING while using the shoulders of others AS THEY DROWN.

Just some extra ‘food-for-thought’… Isn’t Franklin’s timing exrtaordinary given that ‘SOMEONE’ decided to burn Q’RANS in AFGHANISTAN. AND were STUPIDenough to leave them so that AFGHAN CITIZENS WOULD FIND THE EVIDENCES!?!

Here’s a message from a “fairly” familiar FRIEND:

02/22/2012: Update

The scenes of the strife to hold sway, power and position are driving the “mad” into smaller and smaller ‘cubicles’. This encompasses the ENTIRE WORLD. CNN’s religion blog gave us a MODERN glimpse of what I can take the LIBERTY to equate as a re-enactment of a “SOLOMON SYNDROME” by a Detroit Pastor that “had-it-all” to come to HIS ECCLESIASTICAL “transformation” into “THE TEACHER“, (
The man’s name is Ed Dobson, a once-upon-a-time leader within the “Falwell”-ian ‘Moral Majority’, (
If there is one, “or two” lessons, to learn from this man’s moment in TIME, in repetitive eventualities, it is that WHOEVER is one’s G-D the historical ‘facts’/ recorded LESSONS aren’t within those pages for ammuniton AGAINST one’s ‘FELLOW Man’, it’s there as what Rod Serling called “THE SIGNPOST … Of WHAT’S AHEAD”… Those “signposts” are WRITTEN TO and FOR the language and UNDERSTANDING of those who must LIVE where THEY DO.



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