Rick’s Race of Religion Card

Richard John Santorum, Candidate of the Republican Party 2012.
Santorum: SANTORI, SANTORIO, SANTORELLI, SANTORIELLI, SANTORINI, SANTORUM: From the medieval first name Santoro, derived from the Latin word Sanctus = Saint, the genitive plural form is “Sanctorum”, used also to indicate the All Saints feast. Possibly connected to someone acting as a saint, or who has connection with religious things (a sacristan). Imagine THAT! “SOMEONE ACTING AS A SAINT“.

The fact that Rick Santorum is benefiting from the general LACK of strength, and INTEGRITY of the “offerings” set in front of the “RED TEAM” has emboldened him to aim his sniper’s “Blunder-Bus” at the religion of the President, (http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-rt-us-usa-campaign-
santorumtre81h0m2-20120218,0,3264177.story),and the other 75% of adults who identify themselves as Christian. Yes, of that number, based on interviews with more than 35000 Americans age 18 and older,although there are about half as many Catholics in the U.S. as Protestants. Couple the proceeding with what his backer had to say to the Women of this nation…

So, the general concensus of the third-trick Pony that Ohio’s Mike DeWine is whipping is that the CHRISTIAN “philosophy”, that ISN’T CATHOLIC BASED, IS WRONG FOR THE UNITED STATES, and THE WORLD !?! Couple that to the “covert” actions the “RED TEAM” has been using to bludgeon the public and the “PLATFORM” being stood upon is, definately, in NEED of a foot of match-books to stabilize it.

The SILLIEST of the “SILLY SEASONS” has arrived. To those who’ve children newly of VOTING age, and inclination, YOU are about to have the most FUN EVER of your “life” thus far. AND, it DOESN’T matter which PARTY you’ll be driving home from. The WORLD has every “road” blocked. Because OUR legislators sold them the GOOGLE MAPS CODES.
Update 02/17/2012

I’ve seen ALL the ‘RED that I will stomach…
From the OHIO “CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE”… ( http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/18/opinion/blow-santorum-exalts-inequality.html)… On the Columbus, Ohio NBC4i Rick Santorum stated that ‘President Obama is “FORCING” his religious agenda on the rest of Christianity.’ There wasn’t a NON-“linen” face in the house.

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