Understanding The JEREMY LIN-Drome

The above is NOT the usual view of Jeremy Lin, though he was an aide to Senator Joe Simitian besides four other facts. (http://www.usatoday.com/sports/story/2012-02-15/Five-things-to-know-about-Jeremy-Lin

On the ‘CBS Evening News’ the segment ran to the quandary of HOW, and WHY so many MISSED a young man that is creating his own “LIN-DUSTRY” within the business of ‘SPORTS’. And RHYZOMING such way into how the societal mindset of “CHOICE” is “GOING” to affect ALL the outlines and visual markers in vogue today.

The fact that many “outsiders” could have accelerated most of this nation’s “industry” just by their NOT being “FRAT” material, or “look” the part of a ‘JESUS GEKKO’ that STRUTS into a boardroom, is “shocking” said establishment simply by the revelation that their ‘IMITATION of LIFE’ moment is also the undoing of their CONTROL.

The SYNDROME of “LIN-DROME” has just fired its “first shot”,inoculating the blind with his version of SILVER NITRATE,and has a lot of the so-called EXPERTS drowning in this rain-storm, like every other TURKEY… its in their NATURE to thrust their “noses” to an ascendant angle when caught in a deluge of most any kind… thinking that they are “above reproach”. The “IMPACT” players today are IMPACTING the wrong things… “THE” O-STATE-U, USC, today TCU, tomorrow…?

I do believe that the waves of the smug, institutional disclusions are finding the “ROCKS” that have stood steadfast while being ignored are, finally, killing themselves off. And by the “ROCK’S determinations of standing said waves are breaking at a TIMELY impact point of this nation’s future.

And, most of all, isn’t it GREAT to witness the unveiling of such a powerfully UNDERSTATED vehicle that DOESN’T “need” all the aftermarket “accoutrements” !

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  1. Great job with this…he is a fun story!

  2. I THANK one who has the journalistic “CHOPS” .

  3. “No one of any skin color in the history of basketball has done in their first four starts what Lin pulled off for the Knicks last week.” Y’hear that Floyd Madweather

  4. randy travis
    It really makes me think wheres my refund

  5. http://vincentyettes.wordpress.com/ frompigstodragons.
    I beleve you know what your talking about. Thanks Elmer.

  6. loadedquivers… It’s a conspiracy Floyd.


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