Palin Just Won’t Fade AWAY

For all the things coming “out” of Sarah Palin’s mouth about the First Lady on Fox’s “news” show it’s extremely interesting that HER comments would be so flippant.When one “Google’s” the “subject” 55,200,000 approximate results register. “Flippant you say?” YES, I say Flippant. Here’s a woman that makes snide remarks after the “facts” on the goings on within the WHITE HOUSE. I’m waiting on what she has to offer on the truthfulness in Jodi Kantor’s book.

Speaking of books the worded “reveal” by Joe McGinniss has created no SMILE on the face of “dear” Sarah as Glen “PUFFED” Rice is alleged to have. It’s no “small wonder”…

As you can see by her “campaign and lobbying” outfits.
The saddest part of the “Sarah Palin era” is that she truly represents the IGNORANCE and VICIOUSNESSES that AMERICA has become. Even sadder yet is the fact that so many find that very trait “attractive” in/ for those who’ll be running “their” government.

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