How COULD “W.P.” Let THIS Happen

It’s so sad. The wonderful world of “BLOGGING” has ambushed me.
I’ve been at this for only three years, 700 plus posts on 9 plus sites. A progression of where by the progression of what. As the “crafting” gets better I found that I was getting tired of the myriad of notices that continued to scream that my firefox was outdated, so not supported. That my Linux version’s JAVA scripting reception-decifering wasn’t up to snuff, so my “writing” had a case of “the slows”. There hasn’t been an explanation “of” why this has been. Or a FIX. But, I have this urge to say something that I hope makes sense… to somebody.
When there was that beginning I DID look around to see who had the best “soil” for the garden I was digging, as of today I’m wondering whether I will have a “RIGHT” to publish my thought/ opinion after I found the electronic MATA HARI named BLOGETERY.COM. It was TASTY, in its many salatious offerings… monitizations that allowed 90% of an advertiser’s fee to return to the writer/ owner. The THEMES were as familiar as last years hiking boots… but, having been re-soled with “un-obtainium”, the traction unwavering, the comfort like sticking one’s feet in warm wax, with a couple drops of cinnamon oil… “TOAST-AH-LISIOUS”!!!
(Roll out the “VAHGENOR”.)
So, having named, headered,explained,SETTED, URLED… AND, THEN WRITTEN AN ENTIRE POST to cotillion my little darlin’ to the society that SHE was to impress… (type, think, save draft, preview… repeat [five times!])… DEAR little “ALSEAUXNOANAS”/ ALSO-KNOWN-AS has just heard HER song of introduction, AZURE BLUE, ( the PUBLISH BUTTON.), and hears the creaking of the landing’s boards as they give way to the boxed notice of…
“This blog has been determined to be SPAM by the site administrator.” …
WWWHHHAAATTT!(To the TENTH POWER.) This can’t be, this IS a WORDPRESS.COM site, correct ? That’s what it says. TRY this again, Again, AGAIN!
You called your friend “D.J.” to introduce this new vehicle. They find the wonder “of” just as much as you DID. Until they saw the “GOOGLESPHERE’S” reports of that incident that HADN’T been investigated last year. Heard about something, but didn’t check.
Long winded OOPS. But, I’m NOT gonna’ waste the effort.

(It’s Me, Not a POSTER)[Name of the joint.]

It’s Me Not a Poster
Dismantling Pavlov’s influencings. [What the joint’s to express.]
( The “site”, sans geography.)

It’s just after Christmas and, it’s always a great feeling to get into “something shiny and new”. Too bad that the economy’s the way it is, because I wanted a 930 Porsche… OLD, fast, and gets BETTER gas mileage than 85% of what’s on the road now.
Hello, it’s me, not a graphical slice of color splashed on cardboard… a POSTER. But I am placing this ‘post’ to the electronic vellum of this site. You may have wondered about the sanity of the person that spelled the site name, as “we” all want to be recognized for the things we place here. Since this ‘nation’ is an amalgam of ” the TIRED, the POOR(ER), those YEARNING to be FREE…”, the answer to “what should I call this one” was very simple to glean. “ALSO KNOWN AS”, I’m DYSLEXIC so I can obliterate the proper way “of”… We start with the ownership words that are given us at, or before, birth. Due to things such as quirks of character another description is tossed onto what we heard from the “beginning”. It could have been the similarity of how we looked and a glitch in the pronunciation of a name, (first, middle, LAST.), and it finds a permanency throughout whatever.
This site is for testing how to express the answers that have formed after I read, or hear about the situations that affect my AND, your “life”… Iran wants to close the Strait of Hormuz, so be it, it’s only 136 miles, coast-to-coast through the peninsula “tip” of the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Which is one-sixth of the oil that transfers for ship transport. Japan is SEVERELY affected, but should make a deal with AMERICAN based companies to obtain such for producing BETTER MILEAGED VEHICLES here in return for a pipeline being built “on their behalf”. There’s just too much to look into. But, that can’t be done as one’s “self” a lot of times. Thus a guise is in order. If only “on paper”.
Hello, it’s “me” a.k.a. (hold to mirror.), ‘Nomytegemo’, word “thuggee”.
The previous is what was to be a new outlet. But the site was CLOSED due to participant/ members NOT wanting to make this HOMELAND secure. I just hope that by getting to “Blogetery” so late that “they” don’t assume that I’m “traiting” in my desired citizenship.
Though, I DO wonder WHY that GOOGLE still has it displayed. AND WHY anyone can still go through the process of starting a site that is NULL AND VOID.
And, MATT, I’m NOT “biting the hand” that’s been feeding me. But, it’s got a funny taste from what I’m used to.

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  1. It� s one of the best things I can offer and what life has to offer is that you can share anything about it.


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