By (a) Revere, For WHAT Is REVERED

There’s not much for me to say about the following. For ALL the “news-worthy” offal we’ve been, ( will be.), “listening to”. The COST of what EVERY Soldier that has EVER SERVED “FOR” is NOW* on the verge of being ABOLISHED. By the same, basic, group that pulled the plug on the MIDDLE CLASS. There’s nothing more for me to say… EXCEPT that YOU “should” read ALL the points mentioned, then go to YOUR legislator AND… do “SOMETHING” about what what they ARE DOING to YOU and your CHILDREN.
Be quick to LEARNHR1540 AND S1867, You might just SAVE this NATION. Or, do You want to hear about the “U.S. SPRING” ? *
Talk about a “Christmas GIFT that needs returned.


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