Manny Pacquiao= FIFTY-EIGHT and “WHOA” !

The ‘blog’, “Omegetymon” was a first attempt at “pecking” a thought through the “net”, and I’ve been lax at filling the time line lately. Most posts have been rants about what the inhabitants that are supposed to be the “intelligent” of the creatures have been doing to their kindred. Today I’ll switch to just plain observance and report.
On Saturday May 7, 2011 at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, (, taught Shane Mosley, (, as well as any observantAmerican, what the TOUGHNESS of growing up in the rest of the world brings to the table of enjoying the fruits picked from a hard-scrabble field that was your homeland. When most of “us”, here, say that we grew up “HARD” it is true… but there ARE places where it’s HARDER.
The other thought of this post is the fact that Mr. Pacquiao is also a FILIPINO CONGRESSMAN to his homeland. To quote a phrase from Rod Serling, ” IMAGINE, if YOU WILL”… “And in the RED corner, wearing the Purple trunks with Yellow trim… (Put, almost, ANY name on the announcer’s cue card.) But, back to the prime-time PUGILISTIC post.

Since there are MUCH BETTER folks that can convey the timbre of the past event I’ll just send you to a site to restudy what happened, you’ll find it here… ( )
The intensity of the experts’ comparisons of the two went for many months because of the “gamesmanship” that Mr. Mosley’s handlers exhibited in their “accusations” that there “MAY” be ‘performance enhancing’ materials in Mr. Pacquiao’s system, (
pacquiao-both-be-subjected-to-random-blood-testing), even though Mosley HAD tested positive earlier HIMSELF. Never-the-LESS, the two finally met and the man that wears a SUIT for/at his REAL JOB convinced the Californian to “take a SEAT” TWICE during the TWELVE ROUND “war” between the WORLD WELTER-WEIGHT division’s most devastating punchers.
As I wind this up I do have to say that the visions of a “ROCKY”-like ending may have been on the minds of a lot of the event’s attendees, ( With Mosley being the “ALL- AMERICAN” BOUY, and Pacquiao representing the “FOREIGN” element.) But, with youth, (and a record of 53-3-2), the numbers were clearly Welter- WEIGHTED on the scaled side of the EIGHT INDIVIDUAL Division WORLD Champion against a MAN who had a “couple” more rounds,(46-7-1-1), of time, (September 7, 1971 vs December 17, 1978), under his CHAMPIONSHIP Belts. Which proves the adage that…
TIME: Tells the TRUTH
People: Call Time a LIAR
That’s all I “gots’ ta” say for now.

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  1. I found this interesting article from saying that the May 1 Mayweather vs. Heres the whole story decide and react from this article I cant help thinking that Manny Pacquiaos promotional team royally screwed up by picking Joshua Clottey as an opponent for Pacquiao to fight next.


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