The Slyness of a Fox Lead Line

I’ve been very surly towards the Fox “news” network, but have waited just for THIS MOMENT. To bring their unintended presentations of the OBTUSE into the “light” they shine. Within HOW I perceive their ‘journalistic‘ “prowess.

We are closing upon the “HALLOWED” season, where [MARY SHELLEY] may have thought of the mirror image of a [STUART SMALLEY], if she were with us today.

And, then there’s the situation of this time period , also being that of the “mid-term” elections in these United States of America. There are SOOOO MANY “endorsers”= political advocates, ( Read: POLI= many/ TIC[K]S= BLOOD SUCKERS who Give DISEASES.), coming out of the weeds to tell US WHAT we should think and WHEN. The WHO’S are now in THREE categories… RED, BLUE and PEKOE.

As I said, Fox “news” has provided me with the BEST HEADLINE EVER…


How marvelous ! With HOW OFTEN the [RACE CARD] HAS been used as an intended “trump”, ( That would be ALL “members” of the “CRAYOLA COALITION” recognized by the CENSUS BUREAU.), of ‘TRUTH’ the “Evelyn Won’t” readership here in “Uh-MAR-CUH” will think that …

a comedian, that played an (OBVIOUSLY) single Man on “TEE-VEE”, got elected by some Yankee state and is going into the “SOUTH” to endorse some “black guy” running for office against [ELVIRA\’S] non practicing cousin.


I REFUSE to apologize for this article.

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  1. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  2. “DEAREST” Jimmy. If you want an alcoholic beverage please feel free to do so. And I do think that this would be a wonderful insight for your PRISCILLAPOLITE.LIVEJOURNAL “ad-herants”. Do you also speak in clipped sentences?


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