Terry Jones vs Jeremiah Wright

As a nation that uses God’s name on its money, its Pledge of Allegiance, and so many other items and events of importance how do the Reverend Jeremiah Wrights’ comments rate? It’s amazing that Reverend Wright’s first name is the same as the Prophet of the destruction of Jerusalem in its time of judgement. DO, or CAN, we honestly believe that over two thousand years ago the people living before the Bible was written,( in prose), did so without simple, everyday, candor? Even, today, our brothers and sisters in that embattled city of Baghdad, where the Tigris and Euphrates met to quench the Garden of EDEN, speak quite frankly of all the things in their lives. More often than not syntax does have a bit of an edge, compared to Americans, but aren’t offended BY speech patterns, they’re simply “dialects”

This IS “old news’ but I wrote the onset of this article January THIRTIETH, Two-Thousand Ten !

The sad part of the “daily news” is that we are so bombarded by the insidiousies of those that have studied Pavlov’s experiments and honed them on PEOPLE. They have followed somebody’s KAMPF and decided that it was ‘high’ time that the moth’s balls be shaken out and replaced on the chins of the weaker cell mates that Americans have allowed themselves to become.

How is it that the CHRISTIAN PASTOR that WAS the President’s spiritual “mentor” for two decades prior warranted such VENOMS for expressing an observer’s view from “the barrel” when it “only” “HURT” the “purpe-traitor” where they so constantly live? The Front Pages of EVERY U.S. GUTENBERG machine sang at high E over C for the MAN’S racial affrontary.

BUT there’s been little “coverage”of an even more incidiary event, ‘cept the crossed arm, rouge faced glare of Terry Jones, gotten to by an obscure side-bar. A “man-of-god” who’s been so bold as to recreate 1933 Germany and the precourser of another [Kristallnacht ] for those that are here to worship as freely as the original folks that stepped here on [Plymouth Rock]. Do YOU think that G-D told this person that it was a RIGHTEOUS ACT to destroy the OTHER view of HIMSELF by the FIRST SON OF ABRAHAM? Or does the RIGHT reverend have a JONES for the mayhem that his [INQUISITORIAL] action will do. Haven’t any of the parents of those fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan taken him by the epiglottis and URGED him to consider the lives of the MANY THOUSANDS of his neighbor’s Sons AND Daughters in uniform… And at the MALLS.

Only time will tell of WHO has been the greater whatever. But a voiced opinion can be brushed away without messing up the cloth… But the ashes of the words of ones FAITH usually STAIN the cloth of…MANY!

When I was a Child there was a Hymn that my Grandmother loved to harmonize to, the title is not so uplifting to me at this moment… We’ve Come THIS Far By FAITH (!?!).

9/7/2010: The “CATCHUP” goes on. [ABC= a thin layer]. There is a reference to General Patreus’ CONCERNS.

The LARGER question is, CAN THIS THEO-LOGICAL savant’s ACTIONS FIND their PROPER receipit within the PATRIOT ACT? OR From the FAMILY of a DRAPED SOLDIER?

09/10/2010, There’s NOTHING like a GREAT [UPDATE]: Especially with this man’s historical fodder. ( And you thought that my comment on 1939 was “much”). You should trust the folks that hired Woodward and Bernstein!

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