Rules ARE Rules !

During the last century growing up within the continental “outlines” that which was /IS America, we understood that there were different sets of [RULES] for “WHO” participated in the “MORE IMPORTANT” [EVENTS] that generated exorbitant amounts of MONETARY, REGIONAL and “ETHNIC pride”. After [the RECONSTRUCTION] those “Of Colour” became Congressmen through the REPUBLICAN PARTY. But, only for a miniscule time… *[RULE CHANGES]

“The last black congressman elected from the South in the nineteenth century was George Henry White of North Carolina, elected in 1896 and re-elected in 1898. His term expired in 1901, the same year that William McKinley, the last president to have fought in the Civil War, died. No blacks served in Congress for the next 28 years, and none represented any southern state for the next 72 years.”… *( Wiki) It’s ironic that the first, modern day elected, of African ‘descent’, would be from [ILLINOIS-1928].

Moving “forward”, as in the almost century since Mr. De Priest, the [STANDARD] of HOW the “GAME” IS PLAYED hasn’t actually “changed”, BUT, the “referees”, ( STRIPED, or ” BLEACHERED”.), are more, now, apt to [DISCERN] toward “[THEIR OWN]”. ‘They’re” not “happy” with how the neighborhood’s prospective “RHODES SCHOLAR ” lost his [DEBATE] to ‘Rastusimus Jones’, even though the two CAN quote the [SCHRODINGER EQUATION].

The “plights” of [MAXINE WATERS] AND [CHARLES RANGEL] are proving the lesson that was given to young ‘Negro’ children that were being thrust into the “WORLD-OF-THE-WHITE-MAN”, during the twentieth century… “You have to be TWICE as smart, Twice as strong, TWICE as observant and THREE TIMES MORE silent”…” YOU DON’T want “him” to know that you’re as “good” as he “is”. “They make the RULES, YOU just can’t let on that YOU KNOW THEM”!

This isn’t the first of “our” elected to get themselves into trouble. BUT… When there are ONLY [41] within [535], (100 Senators), it IS time to PLAY THE “GAME” WITH a CLEANER HAND!!!

Yes, Ma’am. Yes Sir. You forgot that the RULES have SOOOO many APPLICATIONS. One can FOLLOW them … Or, have them LAID UPON YOU, like a wreath for a CAREER.


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