“Dear” Mr. Feinberg

I’m going to make this short and not so sweet. [Mr. FEINBERG], you’ve been a champion for a great many folks, for a GREAT many bad public situations. Now that you’ve been placed into the position of the [OVERSEER]of greed/ [U.S. \”PAY CZAR\”] I want to express to you my COMPLETE disapproval of your decision to not request those 17 institutions, that received TARP monies…= CITIZEN tax dollars, to return such to US, ( U.S.), as your bureau has found them paying these institutional “lobbyists” exorbitant “[COMPENSATION]”. My money IS important to me, as EVERY American’s IS. Those that receive such from  the rest of the citizenry, without working FOR them, IS WRONG. AND YOU KNOW IT ! Just WHAT has changed your way of doing things CORRECTLY ?


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