The CASTE As Die

[M. Night Shyamalan] has given the movie goer much to bring a chill to their popcorn and Raisinette binging. A man of, (possible), Brahman lineage who grew up in close proximity to the Liberty Bell his education has served his imagination quite well.But, in his first film of someone else’s mind has led a lot of folks to question his grasp of the “melting pot’s” [INGREDIENTS].
It’s ‘funny’ that one that would exemplify the term infusion, the melding of the “better” parts into the fabric of what this nation’s  many immigrants have lent to the [FLAG] that they fly for their freedoms.
The one truth that is obvious here, (to me.), is that of ALL the cast members Mr. Shymalan could have filled THE LAST AIR BENDER with the ONLY non- European lead is [a \”SLUMLORD MILLIONAIRE\”] cast as the [VILLAIN].
Whatever his reasoning this young and intriguing “Vaisyas” has, again, opened the question box of  “art imitates life”  … But, can we ask so many obvious, and fear filled, whys in a time when so many have been moving PAST this type of presentation?
How WOULD this Night spend his casting crouch time on a version of [IMITATION OF LIFE]?
After so many years of watching westerns with [AQUILINE] beaked “Indians” being beaten to death by THEIR “Illegal Immigrants” I have hoped that those days had been given their “lethal injection” of mature thought… but, I guess that they’ve  found new students.
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