For a “Man of Letters” our current and past Presidential family members, that WOULD be George and Barack, hadn’t/ haven’t remembered the SERIOUS LESSON of March 24, 1989, 4 minutes past midnight…

… The [EXXON VALDEZ] was ‘Captained’ to the “presumed” chorus of “What do you do with a drunken sailor?”, and showed the world just how responsible the greed of oil profit “WILL” be. A more recent example of how the [INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY] is “tolerating” the “drug”of oil should be a Rams Horn blast to those that would “TRADE” their “[ \”GREEN\”] for the [SNAKE OIL] of “whole life” [INCARCERATION] and fiscal [INTERMENT].

The world ISN’T lauding the President’s labeled “[SHORT TERM]” solutional [PLAN]. If there’s one thing that IS “for sure” it.IS that the [VIRGINIA BEACH]advertising graphics will HAVE to include sceneries like what was viewed from the San Fransisco “GOLDEN” GATE PARK…

And, we ALL know how safe those Rigs will be, with how [WELL PAID] Inspectors ARE.

IF this nation, (AND the WORLD.), deem that they are going to continue to KILL their FUTURE why must “WE” have to do so like Moriarty to Sherlock… To drain away life by having an intravenous drip “spewing” our fluids, ONE measured drop at a time. Until there’s nothing left.

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