Some (REAL) JUSTICE Served

As this map of abodes RETURNED to the banks shows, the folks overlooking where we, MAY, live.

The average real estate [\’BROKER\’] has been fairly comfortable throughout the years, “G-D” don’t make no more Earth, Son ! But, as their Capone-ish times have lead many a family to “drink” the cup of [sorrow], the addage:

Time: Tells the TRUTH

People: Call TIME a LIAR

Time: CORRECT People

…couldn’t be MORE true.

This short, but, OHH SOO SUH-WEEET (!) article made me CHESHIRE to the breadth of the last Rolling Stones tour, outdoor stage [proscenium], The building of the ASS-O–ciation could NOT be found, in any archives of photos. There has GOT to be “sump’in'” in that all by its lonesome/(loan? sum/ some).

Just what Am I “babbling” about ? THE UNITED STATES MORTGAGE BANKERS ASSOCIATION has [completed the \’CIRCLE\’], ( as in zero profits.), of mis- guided, taken, appropriated, used, judged, your description here“, “leadership” by insisting to use the same formulae that has cost Americans their personal lyrics for “HOME OF THE”… and LOSING $THIRTY-EIGHT MILLION on the sale of their headquarters. And they, STILL, want you to FOLLOW THEIR EXPERT ADVICE !?!

Their “INFLUENCES” have been pretty much like this…

It’s not so funny after a bit . IS IT ?


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