Tiger: An Achilles “Spear”

Short, but not so sweet for so many that are, or feel, a closeness to Eldrick Woods.

[Heroes], they are humanity’s wrestlings and aspirations of its perceived capabilities. We study as many types of “living” as we can so that the [fissures] that occur on the armor, called personality, may be engineered away. But for as many reports and studies that have been cataloged of strength, intelligence, compassion or “LOVE”(S) there will always be a perfect opposite that can [slither], Or [SHIMMY] its way into “the better”. Not recognized, or, “put-in-check”, that fissure often allows a torrent’s escape. (Remember the little boy saving his town when his finger was the proper tool at that moment ?)

Heroes, in the true sense, become so by election/ choice. Heroes that are “made” always have had their “builder” forget something in the construction. That flaw, the “unseen”, patiently waiting for its inevitable DEBUT.

In stories past the Hercules were born via the act of a Hero’s “blink”. Lust,desire, infatuation, GREED. These are the Hero’s “moments of vulnerability”. Some “own UP”to the consequences immediately. While others attempt to cover it some way. There are those “Heroes” that have NO CLUE as to the fissure, never knowing its presence… even as it costs them their lives.

The Greek story/ tale of a King’s pride wrapped greed tells us of how Achilles’ mother tried to close all possible fissures, but failed to protect the family future… by, approximately, three square inches.

The modern saga of Tiger Woods can be drawn similarly, (but without the grandeur.). No matter how much greatness and ability has been bestowed to him the area most “prominent” for his fissures’ gaining control have done so. Let us all hope that there have been no other “aids” to this event. His battle isn’t over yet. MY hope is to witness a Lazarus-like effort as the world plays Solome’ to Tiger’s modern parable.

AND, may the ‘PHARO-CEASE’, like [Accenture] be as [pius] world wide as they are on the links.

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