Curtain Designers

At the ending of 2008,when the Presidential election’s candidates were standing before us, on any given dais, the various entities of the ‘union’ of “Town CRYERS” would bring us their contracted view of what had taken place. Unbeknownst to most Americans was the fact that since SOMEBODY OWNED said businesses that there JUST may be a tad of personal influence basted upon the words and visuals presented to “the masses” at the any given moment of each day.

When was the last news cast that you can recall that soaring, Pulitzer ready, uber ‘caster [Liz Trotta]? Have you noticed that Fox “News”has moved itself even further into the influencing of… [

…the American middle-class. Or what those who held their view through the Looking Glass, instead of remembering their acquaintance Matthew’s group of lessons/ “lessens”,(Matthew 7:24-26). It’s interesting to watch so many people stand at the shores of their next disaster, still [kissing the hand] of the same salesperson that provided them that “waterfront” view. ( See Matthew, above.)

But, MOST of ALL, the world is watching the “children of Kansas”, in their VERY DAZED STATE/ NATION, as they have ridden the “house” they’d “known” for their ENTIRE LIVES into this surreal new place. So now they’ve come upon these wonderous men “of great knowledge”, to lead them back to where “it’s comfortable, ” not realizing that all those [assorted \”TASKS\”] they’ve been running were for someone who only wanted to see IF the fabrics chosen for THEIR “utility room” will hide their inattentions.


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  1. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!


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