Beware Stories Told ‘Round the Circle

Remember the lesson of LISTENING and WAITING to get the story right when you were in ELEMENTARY school ?

... besides OTHER problems of sharing ?

... besides "OTHER" problems of sharing ?

It “seems” that the ‘ Most MOST Trusted Name in News added a tad of pure [Sodium] to, both, the Potomac River and the President’s 9/11 observances Friday morning. (Mourning for the “editorial” staff management !)

The problem, mis-management/ -communications really WASN’T their FAULT… it WAS with a SECOND of our nation’s “organized group of protectors’ leadership, the COASTGUARD, ( Remember that “THRILLING” Air Force [ONE] photo-op (?) that makes George Bush walking into a door quite BENIGN.), who decided to INCLUDE THE SIMULATED AURAL PUNCTUATIONS OF GUNFIRE !!!

Ladies and gentlemen of America you cannot be THIS STUPID,IGNORANT, DENSE OR OBTUSE while “governing” over 300,000,000 people ! SOMEBODY IS CRYING WOLF. And if we laugh at these govern-MENTAL punch and Judy shows without checking the puppeteers we might find that the show was being held while our homes were being ransacked,(the “mortgage “crisis”.) and “they’ve” stolen our “crops”, (Gotta’ JOB ?). Nobody’s going to be/ get HEALTHY at this rate.

I’m not of the “Beck” School of Adnausium, but even a stopped clock is RIGHT TWICE a day.

There’s just one more thought… have you noticed that modern “Hunters” often set up their PREY by getting them USED to the hunters being there !?!


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