There Is STILL a HOLE in the Bucket…

… And [these] [\”folks\”] are trying to fill said bucket by FINING someone who CAN’T afford it in the FIRST PLACE! The [ TWO-HUNDRED ONE MILLION] examples given by “Google-ing” about says it when the “BUCKET” is so big that those “in-charge” won’t even try to find a MORE MANAGEABLE tool for the job. And the sad part of it all is that the “two” opposing factions, ( actually’ fact’ shy.), really don’t CARE because it would give EVERY AMERICAN the SAME [health care plan] as they have… and [DON\’T want to] provide to the “COMMON” citizen. It’s time to WAKE UP folks, we’re going to HAVE to PAY, ONE WAY or ANOTHER. Politicians already have their future health needs in place. The ONLY other thing they need is …to PROLONG IT !!! The “Congressional Health Plan” is described as…

“They don’t receive “[\’Cadillac\’] insurance plans, but when it comes to health benefits, studies suggest members of Congress are at least driving the best Buicks on the block.”

…SO, those that should be doing SOMETHING OF the People, instead of B(u)Y the PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. So that they should not BEAR this before they become EARTH.

Our politicians could net, (killing is what they seem to be ‘AIMING’ for.) two birds with that stone by manufacturing small buckets… giving folks a job and making so they can get some CARE for their HEALTH concerns.

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