It’s Time For a Reality Check

This is the opening sentence received from Mr. Obama’s Senior Advisor, David Axlerod. If you have an email account the White House may have sent you this “hyp-ra-bol” of our latest scheduled fleecing. It’s only ‘fair’, (If it were ANY good they’d call it a “Great”.) There’s nothing that lets you know that you’re “IMPORTANT than having a computer regurgitate your name for the proverbial “gallup” through the numbers. It shouldn’t surprise me since I had just sent Mr. Oabma and Dr. James Curran, (of Emory University.), former CDC head of HIV/AIDS , an introductory letter about an item I’ve been attempting to produce to HELP FUND RESEARCH and TREATMENT for diseases like CANCER(S), SUBSTANCE ABUSE(S), and HIV/AIDS. ALL “heavy hitters” in the realm of ‘HEALTH’ and whether administrations seriously do ‘CARE’ about the lives of THIS and OTHER nations.

Is this the “DARK KNIGHT’S ” answer to the INTERNATIONAL search-light he’d spotted from those steamy Chicago avenues? CAN this be the echoed ‘CRIES’ (of) “The Beloved Country”? KEN-YA hear it? Whether you want to, (or can.), “LIVE”-strong is up to how much support you’ll give to the glitter of sweat when it’s packaged so well… and has just enough “natural” lighting for the assured 3D depth of PISNEY/ DIXAR artistry.

Is it really so hard for this “EDUCATED MAN” to pull a Siddhartha-esque moment and sit with those who offer him the fruits of THEIR garden of learning. The grove of ” SIMPLE, AND EFFECTIVE” dropping knowledge’s sustenance’s so close that just holding out one’s hand makes “HUNGER” a past tense.

The “REALITY Checks”, how many more does this Man’s “advisors” believe we have available before the REAL ‘ACCOUNTING’ lifts U(.)S(.) from the ability to receive a true “PAYABLES” draft, in any form, ?

Even though I won’t “Steele” for a living I am in search of my African heritage by extending my “MEMORY” by turning “HANNIBALISTIC”, because there AIN’T no mountain high enough… (For my thoughts) to keep me from gettin’ to you.

If Mr. Obama is seriously looking for a reality here’s a smidge. 1.) the world Cup of Football will be played in South Africa, one of the highest per capita places for HIV/AIDS, AND authorities want to LEGALIZE PROSTITUTION to “show hospitality” to the incoming visitors. Who is going to write the checks for THAT ! 2.) Advertising for the sale of DRUGS is making Timothy Leary and Abby Hoffman heroes of the mother’s little helper faction.

The funny thing is that I’ve “spent”three days at hospital, of those three days my billing will, most likely, remove $2,700.00, (AFTER DEDUCTIBLES @ 80/20.). If there was still a studio 54 slot I would STILL be able to “DANCE” for five extra days.

The reality check that I’d like to fill is the one where I can really do/ PROVIDE something that the world can use … I DO, but things are happening too fast for some folk, and those who are supposed to help are confusing the situation just enough that responsible people won’t feel it when it touches them.

And for Grant Hospital/ Columbus, Ohio’s Abbie and Rhia: You ARE BLESSED.

Mr. President, as of Friday August 7, 2009 my health decided that I couldn’t be an EMPLOYED stagehand anymore, there’s more to health “care” than a CHECK, the currency also involves IF an employer cares after the hospital’s concerted efforts.


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