As you came upon this post EVEN A BLIND MAN CAN TELL the CHANGES that ARE happening AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

For years we’ve seen young men acting like Davids against the structural GOLIATHS, ( I tried to present a picture of Irish youth throwing stones at British troops, labeled it “SO”… for 16 pages ALL images were of Palestinian youth. Just to let you know how tough it is to get away from the media’s manipulation of information.), we’ve been here throughout MANY “civilizations”.

“History” is not JUST ‘HIS’-STORY, the WOMEN suffer as much, and so much more. They are the people who have GIVEN their husbands and their combined effort of love… their SONS,(as the American little-league mirror firing a “fastball” at a troop carrier instead of a batter’s head to “brush him back”.). Their NEPHEWS along side, because they are FAMILY,( we’re ALL family!), and the viscosity of what flows through their veins. BUT when the NATION’S DAUGHTERS…

… are REMOVED from providing that nation their WISDOM, BEAUTY and LONGEVITY that “NATION”, and those who consider themselves its “leaders”, have LOST every cognition. Neda was studying Philosophy, IS there ANY question of her DOCTORATE ? Of her convictions ?

We’ve seen this before, but now they’re “aiming” to stop DAUGHTERS, as well as SONS. It’s NOT EASY being GREEN.

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  1. I think I want to be green too.

  2. you’ve always been green. om


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