The Patriot Act: Can It Encompass Roe vs. Wade ?

Until Roe v. Wade LIFE was forced upon the only person capable to make the Human “RACE” run the course of EXISTENCE. As a LAW it gave the bearer of said reproductive ‘equipment’ the [RIGHT] to their INTERNAL \’organs\’].

If a human being has a disagreement with another there must, FIRST, be the attempt of UNDERSTANDING, a leagues travel “within another’s shoes”. Those “shoes” being thoroughly examined inside and out, with the emotional AND physical “forensics” to make a full, unprejudiced, INTELLIGENT decision.

As this is the 2009th,(A.D.),4706 in China, Women are still being made to do what “the MAN” ‘dictates’, usually doing so without proper KNOWLEDGE, supposition being the leading force of conclusion. Add the racial h-bomb of [EUGENICS], as it has been insidiously indoctrinated into the national psyche from [Germany], and through enough time, and the secularists melange of viewpoints, we will have more of [THIS].

Can the “person” who killed Dr. George Tiller really make the “CHOICE”





this ?

What ‘ACT’ must we protect this NATION from ? AND WHO !?!

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