Ya’ Blaze the TRAIL, YOU Gets Ta NAME It

Jamesetta Hawkins blessed the world of music in 1938.

Nough said.

'Nough said.

To have been one of “something’s” creation, setting the proverbial TONE of it. To be the excavator and potter, molding that thing from its rough, jagged edges. Bringing home to bed the pungent smell of the miles of hard work stitched together with the spike of a scream… of PAIN.. Or EXCRUCIATING PLEASURE. Etta James HAS known these extremes since she was 12 years old.

[Etta James] has written her own story, ever growing, “forever” to be interpreted by TIME, COMPOSITION, and POLITICS. But, no matter what any of these, seeming, factors attempts to guild over Etta’s proscenium, her voice and music, her presentational aura will forever press past the beginning “CHESS” moves. And for the comely “cloneages” that the visual industry wishes to make the public change of truth in herstory… THIS 1938 Vintage hasn’t just grown to a “PERFECTION” but has always presented the BEST DECANTERS.

The vivacious ” Miss Jamesetta Hawkins graced Columbus, Ohio’s Palace Theatre Saturday: May 2nd, 2009. The starting time at the hour of EIGHT O’Clock,,, POST MERIDIAN. Ms. James graced the stage on a “HOUSE” filled evening and proceeded to envelope any, AND ALL, with the matured SAVORY that is her Voice AND PERSONALITY.

You may have followed this WOMAN since “the CHESS YEARS”

while holding your “squeeze” in want. Or, you may be one who found that lead singer of a “girl-group” has finally gotten into a movie where she “can sing”. No matter what the producers, or the director gave the audience, those that LIVED, what was incinuated visually, have more ways to express a musical note than there are millimeters in a mile.

After getting the evening’s technical and equipment support in general order a spritely, athletic gentleman introduced himself to ‘Carrie’, ( the stage door “Sargent”.). “Hello, I’m Lenny Watkins”… soon, the rest of Etta’s “ROOTS” sprout onto the stage for “sound-check”.

As all have made sure that the local crew is ready I’ve just walked outside and an Asian “junior” WISEMAN steps out to join me in some “nicotine induction”. Bobby Murray, from too many parts KNOWN, and OWNS a six-string PEDIGREE… starting with Junior- high band-mate Robert Cray. (Manager Tim McBride educated this article with Bobby’s own “edutorials” from the April 25- May 5,2009 METROTIMES, page 18/ “Mr. Excitement” by Don Waller.).And his fret-less articulation of a guitar’s fret board has provided Ms. James’ vocal marksmanship with the necessary “BLAMMUNITION” to assure “LOVE’S” targetings. (Big City Blues, page 26 contains TWO views of “learning”. April/May, 2009.)

As there are many “experts” of “ART”, most times they “know” a general “time”, or “brush stroke”. So few of them “KNOW”, ( OR inquire!), as to where the Artist GOT the “pigments” to fill the “CANVAS”… WHAT “time” of the day it was for their inspiration.

Etta covered each song with the fierceness of the adolescent that drew the brothers Chess to begin her artistic Odyssey. And like the paying group that breathed in sync with every note of every song I was amazed at how Ms. James’ timbre of youth has been coupled to the authoritative CONTRALTO of maturation, a wonderfully “disturbing” duet of growth. Giving a beautiful nod to long time friend Johnny “Guitar” Watson, with “Ta-Ta Ya Baby”… NOTE FOR NOTE!!!…

…all the way to her “beginning” as the finale Jamesetta Hawkins gave to us “AT LAST”.

I sincerely APOLOGIZE to the horn section that their names haven’t been given here, but they WERE the harmonies AND non-verbal “choir” for Ms.James and need to know how much they contributed to the “sermon-by-the-river”.

As Mr. Murray pointed emphasis of what makes people choose the enterprises they do, the one most defining word he gave the clearest note to was…LOVE.

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  1. enjoyed the post.
    Big fan of Etta James


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