Donald Brashear: Lessons Forgotten

[Donald Brashear] is a Man of history, being one of the few men of colour to have earned their living playing the national sport of the land of the Maple leaf. From the signing of the NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE’S New York [RANGERS] their choice was of Art Dorrington in 1950, Art played Center.

Being one of only 13 players of SOME African heritage Mr. Brashear has had his share of having to “fight” for his place in the league, which almost COST him HIS career in the year 2000 when he was [\’slashed\’]by Marty McSorley, who was with the Boston Bruins at the time. Now, an American born, (Bedford, Indiana, where Astronauts Charles Walker and Kenneth Bowersox where also born and raised.), Canadian raised young man becoming part of the fast and “FURIOUS” game of [Ice Hockey], (when it’s oh so EASY to be picked out of, almost, any crowd because of Inane “historical” beliefs.), does what they feel will get them “to” the “BIG SHOW”…

Guess the side men.

Guess the "side" men.

After going through the pains that Mr. Brashear had to endure to re-enter the demanding profession of money for “play” it came as a tremendous disappointment to read that Donald Brashear would take the similar avenue that almost took away HIS livelihood during the 6th game of Lord Stanley’s Cup, play-off series,( with the New York RANGERS in the Madison Square Gardens.), when HE delivered a shoulder hit near the HEAD of opponent Blair Betts, “removing” him from the team roster for their next contest. [It\’s because of the \”dainbramage\” coach.] Marty McSorley was almost banned from Ice Hockey for LIFE for his action to Donald Brashear. Donald has gotten a 6 (!?!) game suspension.

For all his physical strength and fighting abilities it would seem that Donald Brashear could find the strength to “FIGHT” in a more enduring manner, like his Uncle [Carl Brashear]. In the adversities of ANY “OCCUPATION” it is best to be remembered as being one of its “MEN OF HONOR”… Like one


This is an “after disintegration release”, (late breaking news.), about the information of Mr. Brashear’s plight, [\”Hello, this is the \’WASHINGTON POST\’.\”].

Whatever gets a “comment” started.

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