My FIRST Musical …

This Kangaroo JUMPS all over the voice scale.

This Kangaroo JUMPS all over the voice scale.

The cat sans hat.

The cat sans hat.

…As a PAYING, not to have a CLUE, THEATRE GOER.

On the second day of April, 2009, the hour of seven thirty, SHARP. The opening night of Bloom-Carroll’s Junior/Senior High School presentation of “SEUSSICAL the Musical swept me from a jaded, thirty-some-odd-year STAGEHAND. Swept me into-from-what is the question that I never thought I’d, (“sheepishly”), stand before the world and tell it THAT A GROUP OF TEENAGERS FROM A TINY COUNTRY TOWN OUTDID ANYTHING THAT JUDY GARLAND AND MICKEY ROONEY EVER DID IN ANY OF THEIR BARNS !!!!!!!!!!

Now, before you begin to think that this is a proud parental diatribe, I Am going to RAVE about AN ENSEMBLE… Of extremely TALENTED children and the persons HIRED to EDUCATE THEM in the SCIENCE OF THE ARTS. If you don’t know anything about [THEODOR SEUSS GEISEL] you now have his name. But just in case, look into a story about a “Feline in a Fedora”.

SEUSSICAL the Musical, A ‘minimalists’ fill of scenery,wonderfully replicated by the progenitors of the cast and crew, ( Those that didn’t have to sing, speak or dance would have made a Noh master proud. And a 15/16 year old sound crew managed a 14 wireless microphone system quite WELL.), simply “MAH-VUH-LUSS”. As I watched these new Thespians the personality of each gave me a mirror to others that have been before us, either in movie or T.V. I’ll describe the “main” characters via who they closely resembled, and hope that you can see their performances through your memory’s eyes.

The Cat-in-the-Hat= Christopher Walken as the “Sham-WOW!” guy.

Horton the Elephant= Stan Hardy, (Laural’s demeanor, Oliver’s physique).

Bird-Girls= Marilyn, Marlene and Peggy.

Sour Kangaroo=Patsy Pink, ( Cline’s delivery, Pink Edged.)

Wickersham Brothers= Nary, Surly and MOE. ( “Blanco” Hep Hop)

Gertrude McFuzz= Terry Gar

Mayzie LaBird=Que’zeta Jones

Citizens of the Jungle=Hogwarts detention

Mayor of Whoville= Peter Boyle,(Young Frankenstein)

Mrs. Mayor= Bernadette Peters

Grinch= Christopher Graham, ( Lloyds antics, Larry’s basso)

Whos= youth from the land of “Point”, Arnold, (ask Harry Nilson)

General Ghengis Kahn Schmit= “Just Jack”

Vlad Vladokoff=Benny Hill Cheney, (self explanatory.)

Yertle the Turtle= ‘nough said.

This production was staged THROUGHOUT the ENTIRE theatre area… stage, main floor audience and Isles, the Balcony audiences. With a cast of over thirty young individuals the choreography was ” A SINGULAR SENSATION” equal to the Trockaderos’ “Mistake Ballet” in precision.

Someday a payday.

Someday a payday.

The Whos Sing Seuss'.

The Whos Sing Seuss'.

The teaching staff performed galaxies PAST the expected and have nothing, except PRAISE from a parent for their EXTRAORDINARY presentation to a THEATRICAL “NEWCOMER”.


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