The Fifth Day of April: 2009

It was written about, long ago, with the characters of the stories by the names of a Noah, or Lot. Later some told by example, of house building on stone instead of sand. Away from the great quantities that make up two-thirds of our very own bodies. From a time that saw the world angry enough to attempt to enslave by Death’s “tattooings”. Those same designers have acquired a patience to their tactics. And as in the storied warnings gone by the messengers are targeted, [They \”COULD\” shoot the messenger.], their “cries in the wilderness” put their pates on posted platters, [\”Us\” vs. U.S.].

Food for (the) thought.

Food for (the) thought.

How many of “our” readership are truly PAYING ATTENTION, and how many of US are so wrapped/ RAPT up in the blazing sworded message the WE have forgotten to build OUR ARKS and store our future foods for THIS FLOOD that we CAN SEE, as well as FEEL, the first “small” waves… at our CHINS ?

I have bellowed with “pen” long enough, as it has gotten to be dangerous to leave by “my front door”. “Watchers have laid their “trip-wires” THROUGHOUT the cities… and TOLD us they have. I won’t say ‘GOOD-BYE’, but the lights will be dimmed at the windows, my shoes patternless. I’ve gotten rid of the useless weight on my body… to become a lean, FREE, living machine. This Hansel& Gretal-like fattening of America has led this nation to a generation that can’t THINK its way out of the GINGERBREAD confines of self importance.

So our “captors” have waded in through the Bushes. The greatest ruse on a generation of former slaves’ descendants was convincing them that the little black guy with the lantern, (standing in so many ‘white’ folks’ yards), was derogatory when it was the opposite, Harriet KNEW better. Just as we, now, have our “Elmer Gantry” reselling us a Coral’s salves while working the villages.

It’s time for America, and the WORLD to act like the ANT, Grasshopper days OVER. And where IS a “Joseph” for ALL these Pharaohs… will he remember his/ he’s FAMILY ?

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  1. Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for writing. I will definitely be subscribing to your site.


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