Our Lesson

It’s been close to a month since the Whistle Pigs of Ohio and Pennsylvania, ( Chuck and Phil.), were visited by their shadows. And as I take my daily stroll I pass by the many trees preparing to grace the coming season with their own rebirths from a cold hibernation. For the last few weeks I’ve looked up to the assorted fingers reaching down to my eye level to tease me with their promices of beauty and foods.

Its a LESSON we should practice.

It's a LESSON we should practice.

The graphic above is that of the Paw Paw tree, (…’way down yonder in the Paw Paw patch.’), a tree that produces a fruit that has MORE PROTEIN than ANY other on earth, and is indigenous TO the United States (of America.). The problem of its continued existence is that due to this country’s deforestations, ( read “PROGRESS”), it is disappearing from us, (it must have indirect Sunlight, live UNDER the canopy of ‘others’ for its proliferation and food production).

I write this, as an observative lesson

to what is happening in this world TODAY, every thing that happens in the world around us has been done, in one form or another, since man-“kind” found out that there were others like him/ she/ IT out here. But as we grew to “think” that WE were the ultimate animal/ entity placed on this orb we forgot that EVERYTHING has a time and place for its existence to be correct on this plane.

Now, back to the original paragraph’s thought. I’ve walked some new streets, away from the tiny, micro-patches of grass and trees that folks in large cities embrace as NATURE. It may be a daunting proposition for us to live a life, that we have been taught to believe, with all mayhem leading a gruesome dance that the world’s people have been learning by force, but if we take the LESSON of NATURE we KNOW that there IS A SEASON as long as this planet is intact.

Looking at the spindly fingers reaching down to our heights I’ve tried to observe the “new stubble” sprouting from their knuckles, the trees, consistently whispering the WHEN of the “season’s” start to commence. Ever growing, but holding back just enough to present their best, in timing, each and everything that isn’t HUMAN, has REMEMBERED the knowledge key that gets THEM through the next incarnation of “LIFE”. The one thing that NATURE does though is produce more… for that “JUST IN CASE” scenario that IS LIFE. NATURE does NOT allow the wrong “survival”, if it’s destructive, without the purpose of providing the renewal for the next in line, ( fire, tsunami, earthquake, etc.). When that which has used its “proper” time and purpose has done so IT IS GOOD. Leaves provide the tree’s food and when their mission’s done they know to drop back to their roots and feed them with the vitamins of their carcass.( As should every “good” C.E.O. or corporate “president”. OR… POLITICIAN !)

So, if we are to get away from the situation that we’re in today we must begin to build an ADDED VALUE of saving our MONIES and NATURAL RESOURCES, therefore rendering the ECONOMIC HITMAN,[Their sight\’s on the U.S., (us), economy.], out of THEIR job. And in doing this we might enjoy beautiful and fruit filled Springs… and Summers with Alaskan Pumpkin sized fruit to a harvesting for our children… as well as ourselves.

In observation of the fruited planes.

In observation of the "fruited planes".


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