To: YOUR Health

As one of the rear guard to the “Baby-Boom” procession, now leaving the world’s population, my EMPLOYER PROVIDED HEALTH INSURANCE still makes me carefully choose what parts I wish to maintain. I, seriously, have sympathy for the folks who are WITHOUT help from ANY entity to live a life with the ability to do so freely, (To breath, walk, grasp,etc.). In 2007 there were more than Forty Million of us that COULDN’T “GET SICK”, [Stay healthy, no matter what.], now, as we’re in 2009, our citizens’ health coverage is still LACKING/ LAGGING that of “LESSER” of the major industrialized nations. [It’s ‘RANK’, by position and availability.]. Then you have the “numbers” by the sad tool of ‘money and race‘,[Nobody is \”healthy\.]

Then there is the factor of our new President, [\”Franklin Delano Obama\”], with his ambitious agenda of making this nation “WELL”. [Force feeding the \”ACQUIRED\” tastes.] Approval of the things that we have been “accustomed to”, but haven’t had to know how it was obtained is proving to be a problem for some, [The RUSH to judgement.].

What it will take to get America healthy will have to take many avenues of “attack”, and as we should know by now not all “attacks” are detrimental.

the beauty of good health.

the beauty of good health.

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