ONE HONEST Politician

Bugs Bunny let us know about the importance of CHEBOYGAN , Michigan in a lot of his cartoons, now life has given us its representation of what a cartoon government and its proponents are… and someone who saw it for what it is, and HIS answer to its “FIXES”… Meet Dennis Lennox: EX COMMISSIONER of “DRAINS” for the County of Cheboygan, Michgan.

Now THIS is the NEW FACE of the Republican Party.

Now THIS is the NEW FACE of the Republican Party.

As Dennis ran against an eight year incumbent, and WON, proving that his lesson plans to graduate with a degree in, YES, POLITICAL SCIENCE has quickly accomplished the ONE THING that has NOT occurred in recent memory… HE KEPT HIS CAMPAIGN PROMICE, (!!!!), HE got rid of an unnecessary political office. [ONE: To Vote FOR.],[What would YOU have Dennis RUN FOR ?], [How its DONE.]

In an age of great darkness, when so much has been touted for TRANSPARENCY , it is GOOD to have BORN WITNESS to the, (hopeful), birth of Democracy’s, (the) REPUBLIC-CAN!!!

I’m PROUD that this young man also chose to give the world an HONEST MAN’S VIEW.

CONGRATULATIONS, DENNIS, on being one of this nation’s first ELECTED to KEEP HIS PROMISES. I hope some type of cum laude is attached to your ensuing DEGREE !!!

[One HONEST effort.]


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