This is Black History Month and in that this next 22 days will see many strange and unique additions to it’s pages. The one that has come to mind is the attempt by south Carolina Senator, Robert Ford, to “couple” the national celebrations of Black History Month with CONFEDERATE Memorial Day, [Strom WOULD love this.], his argument is compelling.

History must tell the TRUTH.

History must tell the TRUTH.

But even in these confusing times famous actions can verify and vilify the facts that the recorded and celebrated events enacted for one race can easily be the road map for the betterment of ALL. WITNESS the the ROSA PARKS- like actions of University of UTAH, ( no, not the one with the BLUE football field.), student Tim DeChristopher that are having as much civil strengthenings as the diminutive destroyer of Jim Crow’s wishes had, teaching all that in order to CHANGE the current fiscal “status quo” all one has to do is FOLLOW THE MONEY !!! [Mr. Obama, you SHOULD have appointed TIM.],[GOT \’er DONE !], [And the Medal of FREEDOM winner should be…].

Abraham, Martin and John would be PROUD.

Abraham, Martin and John would be PROUD.

As this month has now become a sign post for future historians as to where this nation began to mature into the PROMISE that was drafted WITH the BLOOD of so many, with so much of the SAME DNA, I PRAY that we can finally build our selves into what others around the world will find worthy of calling a GOOD NEIGHBOR. Thank you,Tim, for showing us that the coming generation “HAS had ENOUGH, and THEY’RE NOT going to take ..IT ANYMORE” !!! (And thank you Peter Finch.)

As far as this being officially designated BLACK History month, this time the BLACK stands for saving the citizenry MONEY… the green being that of NATURE ‘S bottom line.


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