In a BROTHER’S Keeping

His POST requested via E-Mail. A BLOGGER dot calmer with a comparative query of, “only”, TWO WORDS… Veto (vs) Democracy, found at LOVE-Ely (. Tinko had asked me to help his work by writing about how women are being exploited around the “Pacific Rim”regions, I haven’t found those specific word groupings yet, but these are the first rumblings. They are my asked for view of those two Gibraltar-“esque” words’ opinion.

This IS my thought/ answer:

CONCURRED. I can’t follow the vein that the view of the FEW outweigh the truth of the many. “Great” powers in minute amounts is similar to attempting control of the “spread pattern” of a NUCLEAR fission, that is how the VETO is used by global “powers”. Where the democratic sight-lines are as the flock of a MILLION birds overhead: the group holds a miraculous precision because they feel each others’ spacings.

Tinko has a “way” of getting a “thought-ballooned” to expand more than designed.

If you sincerely look you’ll find there are many angles and views… from the many. D’Ellis

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  1. Thank you very much for the reply. I have to play the video three times to find the meaning in it, and I get the following:

    I see a form of dynamic pattern. Although has parsed, they will be formed again naturally. Yes, brotherhood in naturally way. I believe this power is more powerful (acceptance / acceptable in many).

    Let me knows if I’m wrong.

  2. Dear friend
    YOU are right AGAIN.

  3. Absolutely incredible; thank you for displaying this.


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