David H. Dave Longager

David H. "Dave" Longaberger

Do you really KNOW what the ‘PRIDE‘ (in the phrase uttered by we Americans) in CRAFTSMANSHIP means when you hear, see or touch an item that has a zip-code stamped on it ? Or a set of initials daubed by ‘magic marker’ ? Have you EVER noticed a slightly darker splotch of “stain” on that nice ‘PICNIC’ basket that ‘grandma’ gave you when you turned 21 ? (That just may be somebody’s type-O…positive.) If you DO it MAY be because of an AMERICAN BUSINESS ANOMALY named The LONGABERGER BASKET COMPANY, started , officially by David H. Longaberger. [Fine WARE from DRESDEN… Ohio.]

As you may have assessed by some past posts I attempt a “living” through assisting presentations “ON STAGE”, and that’s where this notation got it’s kindling: the Longaberger “BUZZ”, finishing on 1/10/09. Just how many individuals were (basically) seated I can’t say, but they FILLED one quarter of the ‘MILLION’ square foot Columbus Convention Center to get the news of just what ‘Dave’s’ daughters, (Tammy and Rachel) were bringing to the (extremely) EAGER ECHELON of “Team Leaders”, ( UBER productively efficient !). [Bringing American CRAFTSMANSHIP… back HOME.]

After spending two FULL days of building the stage settings for two FULLER days of helping the company, (These people are so homey that the word ‘company’ is exactly how you feel as well as how the “sales force” treats you.), tantalize their already excited “girl-friends”. These WOMEN are a LONG(aberger) way from ‘girlhood’, they ARE what Hollywood CANNOT grasp, have not grasped, on film, thx,digital or dolby, they are what every written ‘faith’ describes as desirable… Faith-filled=knowing that the world won’t give to them, or their family. Industrious= “if I want, or “need” it, I must increase our/ MY income for those/ that. The ‘BEAUTY’ that these women bring to the business world is that, (as an example), one of the ‘TOP’ sales representatives presented the scenario of being worthy of being “on stage” only because she had been chosen to “chauffeur”one of Dave’s daughters but her mini-van was too “used”to make a “GOOOD IMPRESSION” for the community… so she went out and made ALL proud through some “HOME SALES”. New mini-van included. The “stories” are infectious. [Do you really believe that I\’m making this up ?]

As the “BUZZ” ran its course of revealing the new and exciting things that the design teams had ‘wrought’ for these women to ‘W.E.A.V.E. and ‘glaze’, I was ‘paging’ video camera cable, seated next to me was a woman resting her left leg on a crutch, I asked what she’d done to achieve this condition…” I fell.”As we spoke during a small break this woman enlightened me to the fact that motherhood was “woven” with “knee-boat”,(“miniature” HYDRO-PLANES !), racing. THIRD GENERATION. Children, husband and nearly $4k monthly to get around this recession. This was the general timbre of talent that drives the legacy that David H. Longaberger’s “simple” hand made BASKETS have ALL across this AND other countries.

As I researched parts of this post it became more and more visible that this company has something to say to ALL businesses in this country, one is that living within one’s means doesn’t have to be done like a gladiator, it CAN be done with a hug or a handshake.And INCLUSION, with the encompassing of goodwill, will make AMERICA a COMMUNITY again. If we ALL give to OUR futures, (especially family, and since we ARE ALL family…), without the greeds, only the competition of guiding each other to betterment, then combining those successes. We ALL might become… a Bushel BASKET FULL of “TEN CENT MILLIONAIRES.

As a special note, Tammy and Rachel are taking their company’s ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ craftsmanship and have set the bar back on it’s home soil, bringing the LONGABERGER productions to their neighbors who need a ‘job’. If your interest has been piqued check on this. [Don\’t tisk it, they\’ll task it. It\’s Longaberger BASKETS ! ] [All things Longaberger.]

What DID you expect !?!

What DID you expect !?!


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