America’s Constabulary:

A “new”, revised, story that’s been told too many times here.

A year goes by… and so does ANOTHER innocent LIFE !!!

The number EIGHT is sometimes associated to the numerology belief of a “new beginning”. On May 21, 2008 the blog site Vincent Yettes, (, presented the post called “AMERICA’S CONSTABULARY: ERASING COLOR from the COUNTRY ?” As this is the up coming anniversary of that post this article is the SAD reprise of some VERY DISTURBING facts and photos. [ brought it “TO the PEOPLE”.]

Just at the beginning of 2009 in the “progressive” state of California an UNARMED passenger was ‘DISPATCHED’: WITH MALICE by a man WITH A GUN who just happened to be an “officer” of the regional transportation entity B.A.R.T.. You’ve most likely been acquainted to this awful story, but since this type of event happens so irregularly it’s “easily passed over”… except by SPOUSES and CHILDREN of the VICTIM. [“Pick a story, any story”.]

As THIS “re-telling” of an ALL TOO FAMILIAR scenario of these 233 years since CRISPUS ATTUCKS “TOOK ONE(!?!) FOR the TEAM” I MUST continue to FAN the smoke toward those who it SHOULD irritate MOST… EVERYONE !

I offer a WORLD of CONDOLENCES to the family and friends of Mr. Oscar Grant, the THIRD, (As well as to ALL who have died at the hands of those who feel that “THEY HAVE BEEN given the DEVINE right to KILL FOR THEIR ‘CAUSE.¬† They who live in GAZA understand. As do those in DARFUR, ZIMBABWE and ALL ELSE.)

I sign off now with the hope that these types of events will cease with OUR new leader. As ‘WE the PEOPLE’ NEED/ HAVE to be more involved with those who WE ENTRUST To PROTECT and SERVE… BY EDUCATION and example. Again, as of this moment, there has been no definite determination of “FAULT”, but if this runs “TRUE TO FORM” we’ll most likely watch another “VESTED” murderer be patted as he walks into a better, yet more discreet , type of employment.

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