From Under the Bed…

… To eating your wallet’s contents.

Greed=  An appetite OUT of CONTROL.

Greed= An appetite OUT of CONTROL.

The Indian outsourcing firm SATYAM has followed the Texas-type of “Democratic” business modeling that has had its heyday grind the smalltime practitioners into the Earth’s mantle.As another entity comes forth to admit that it cared for the “APPEARANCE OF” instead of the solid results of ‘TRUTH’, (which is SANSKRIT=satyam). There isn’t much to say except that we NOW really know that the idiom of “MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL” is proving more true by the day. [\”Sold down the GANGES, Siddhartha\”.]

Who’s next / what’s next, I can’t predict but the next “shoe to drop” will be MUCH larger than Robert Jerry Lanier,Jr’s former office wear. And won’t THAT be a terrible footprint to receive at the wrong time … or (“I didn’t see it commin’ ” !) wrong PLACE !?!

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