A “Pathetic” Christmas

Normal Folks Christmas.

2008: Normal Folks' Christmas.

“Son” woke to the expectations of the tree year old, cardboard containing ???. At the stage of four years from “freedom” he still blessed the camera with cherub-towhead features. Though the presents were ‘dollar-store’ fantastic the humility drove itself around all four of us, Father, Mother, Son and friend.

The short, but important, gift list had this year’s economic recipe…

Tee-shirt= Eat more Deer, the graphic=fish on crutches.

Mother/Son Mossey Oak hats, NOT matching.

Son= FIELD JACKET- O.D GREEN,( …”like I wore during MY stint, they haven’t produced the real thing for over 30 years.)

Dad= socks

Mom, a cookie jar= two sides the BATES HOTEL/ two sides the ADDAMS’ HOME.

The largest box was sealed with white cotton twine, Dad said that the twine was the combo gift then attempted to make/ show a Cat’s Cradle/ Jacob’s Ladder.

As we’ve been taught of what this DAY is supposed to represent the ‘PRESENT’, was that of the GIVING of HOPE, PEACE and the GOODWILL to those that are around us. So they may receive a proper PRESENT… for the other days of their lives.

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  1. I also feels that in general the genuine spirit of Christmas has gone, the reason why people celebrates Christmas. That’s why I created a post for that.

    When the bell is ringing….
    Before: Jesus has come in simplicity.
    NOW: Let go holiday!

  2. Tinko, YOU have the KNOWLEDGES.


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