A Dark Day Called “Black Friday”

Definition 1
September 24, 1869, the day the markets crashed following a failed attempt by some financiers to corner the gold market. Led to a depression.

Definition 2
In a more general sense, any Friday in which a public calamity occurred.

Definition 3
More recently, the term Black Friday has been applied to the day after Thanksgiving in which retailers make enough sales to put themselves “into the black ink.”

With the world economy taking the ‘swing’ that it has some things that make us “human” are being eroded to the point that we are reverting back to a sick herd mentality. I give this small example of what the “free” enterprise system of capitalism is bringing the world to. Especially for those that the “American DREAM” had most benefited.

In the small community of Valley Stream, New York on the day after this past ‘Thanksgiving’ the reality of living “POOR” drove the seekers of “deals” at the local Walmart to rush the doors and TRAMPLE those that were hired to assist them. True to its name “Black Friday” claimed another victim, Jdimytai Damour, a 34 year old temporarily hired,seasonal employee.[They who\’ve lived on the paved the golden streets.]

Of the three chronologically ordered definitions I wonder why GREED has adopted an ugly event to place its “BOTTOM LINE” hopes.[After-math of black friday=1[What price \”the bottom line\” ?]

My only query is this, just how far are we going to let the DEMON of GREED “guide” the global community into this “VALLEY of DEATH” ?


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  1. I’m not that affected in Black Friday. I take it as a normal day. But of course, for those who have bad experienced with that day feels that it was a cursed day.

  2. Its very sad that things like this happen every year. I personally don’t think that the bigger crowd is the only affect of bad economy, I think its the greed that drives us to these stores. We have have seen this year over year, bad economy or not. I find it hard to believe that we are putting so much into material things, we have totally forgotten the true spirit of holidays. Be kind to each other, that’s the best gift we can give anyone.

  3. […] A Dark Day Called “Black Friday” … to let the DEMON of GREED “guide” the global community into this “VALLEY of DEATH” ? Posted in econonomic forces, labor, life, observation, random, rantings, uncatgorized Tagged: a %26quot;KILLER%26quot; deal, after the gold has turned to dust, … […]


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