… The “big” three go for GLOBAL Financing.

Chevrolet, Chrysler and Ford are “requesting” US to PAY MORE MONEY for items that are NOT VIABLE to the country that they claim to service. On “MEET THE PRESS” (11/16/08) Michigan Senator Carl Levin ‘Advertised’ for General Motors that they had TWICE as many “HYBRID” vehicles “in-line” for production. My goodness, they’ve only had 30 years of knowledge that their latest offerings were TOXIC to their future.

Senator Levin’s short advertisement was vocally similar to Jeep’s latest late-night commercial where they show IDIOTS riding over sand dunes and other NATURAL environments that need preservation. The background audio is that of ROLLER-COASTER sounds, to entice the viewer to times of a ‘CARE-LESS’ YOUTH, when our fun was financed by someone else… OUR Parents = those that put in the WORK. We should be PAST THIS. We are of the age where in order to enjoy ourselves WE have to design, build AND maintain what may give us joy in the responsible ways of adulthood. And TEACH these ATTRIBUTES to our offspring.

I have a strange feeling that these companies have been setting another table, in a very different location. G.M., as mentioned in previous posts, has made its financial stakes in other fast emerging markets, (44% in China ALONE !), with products that are mandated BY those consumers and THEIR unique markets. And are providing what THEY deem as NECESSARY for THEIR USES (!), not accepting whatever is fed them when someone “RINGS” Dr. PAVLOV’S little bell. Those that have been privy to the inundations of post-secondary CORPORATE “education” are reheating THIRTY YEAR OLD ‘HASHES’ in the attempts to serve them on pseudo-“patriotic” platters… IN THEIR NEIGHBOR’S HOME (!), telling them that the “fare” IS “FRESH”… Never mind the gravy’s CHARTREUSE GLEAM.

Would the ‘TREASURIAL’ colour chart include RYE Mold ( as in ERGOT/LSD ?) in the $ 25 BILLION bungle/bundle that the United States of America (“CONgress” and “SINate”), are “THINKING” of giving THEM ?

If “our” legislators allow this financial dis-service in RESPONSIBILITY I WILL NOT be GREEN with ENVY … but of NAUSEATED DISAPPOINTMENT.

Bessie Smith sang this youths truths...

Bessie Smith sang this youth's truths...

It was said best by Alberta when she described how all the young “Iceberg’s” did their “thing”…

“They’d come at’cha with a hand FULL of GIMME and mouth full of MUCH OBLIGED !”


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