Dear Jesse Jackson

The magic number this year is 44, a number that has the historical significance of being who this ensuing Presidential term will preside. It is the also the number worn on the football jersey of one ERNIE DAVIS, college football’s FIRST African-American HEISMAN Trophy winner in 1961. As good as he was he too never got to perform his magic on the professional ‘stage’.

As we noticed your tears of PRIDE the evening of November 4, 2008 some of us know that you are the Ernie Davis to President elect Barack Obama’s Jim Brown. Greatness untested on the next tier forward, even though you led the way. How appropriate that you’ve both gotten your “justs” this year, Ernie in film, you at the acceptance speech of OUR NEW PRESIDENT… 44 is a very good number.



Ernie Davis/ Jim Brown, Jesse Jackson/ Barack Obama=44

Yes, Mr. Jackson, history does repeat itself, we just have to be aware. HARBINGERS are seldom recognized until the laughter CHOKES the joker.

a torch passed.

a torch passed.

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